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July 23, 2009 · 5 comments

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It’s not new news at this point (as it’s already been posted by Jennifer Zyman, Creative Loafing, Foodie Buddha, Bill Addison, Adventurous Tastes, Final Analysis,  and John Kessler), but congratulations are in order for Hardy of Dirty South Wine, who just earned the Really Goode  Job on Tuesday at Murphy-Goode winery.

I won’t regurgitate the job details you’ve already heard, but it’s a sweet gig and is perfect for Hardy, who had been looking into how to turn his passion for wine and social media into a career when this opportunity came along.

Hardy took Gary Vaynerchuk’s wisdom to heart and hustled his ass off for this job. Constant blogging, twittering, facebook surfing, good old face to face networking and conference calls (broadcast online of course) have a lot to do with his success, but being tech savvy and hustling is half the battle. Hardy has the wine chops, but more importantly, great charisma and an approachable personality.


Where am I???

So now it’s time to celebrate, right? Well it just so happens that the 2nd annual Wine Blogger’s Conference is going on in Napa and Sonoma County this weekend, and I’m writing this post from Hardy’s new digs in Healdsberg California, courtesy of Murphy-Goode. While he’s off taking care of official business, I’m drinking all the wine they stocked in this nice bungalow.


The Wine Bloggers Conference will definitely be a lot of drinking and leisure, but there is going to be a ton of blog related stuff I hope to learn to make this site and my writing even better. The packed agenda can be viewed here.

You can expect a few blog posts from wine country this weekend, so stay tuned if you’re into that sort of thing. If you follow me on twitter (jwsobeck) you can read up to the minute updates on my blood alcohol level.


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  • Where are you?

    See, here’s the problem with people following all this Murphy-Goode stuff. Random new visitors to your blog, Native Californians even, have no problem identifying the location; they’re very familiar with the Double Double, have the little match-box style map/listing of each restaurant in the glove compartment of the car.

    So I may comment, but I won’t tell. It’s too damn easy. For me. For your local compadres, it’s a challenge I shall not spoil.

    But hey, I might as well tell you that my last trip to the afore-hinted restaurant was pretty fun: On Mother’s Day, we piled into a limo (which one of our party owns), and got in line at the drive-thru line (there’s your hint, people!) and ordered ourselves a whole lotta DoubleDoubles, animal styles and various and sundry… while drinking champagne in the back, no less. All because a) we were running too late for our event (a short n sweet Civil War reenactment battle) to go to a restaurant and b) my Mom, on the whole, despises going to restaurants on Mother’s Day (“I don’t want to stand in line with other mothers’ guilty-looking children who are taking those other mothers out for a day invented and marketed by Hallmark”) So our trip to the, um, restaurant was the perfect thing to do.

    Hope you enjoyed yours!

  • By the way, in keeping with your wine blogging theme, I offer this: Probably my favoritest post I wrote about wine.

    Zin Alley

  • Jimmy– Now I’m a real dork. Typing a comment on your blog while you are sitting 15 ft away in the living room.

    Thanks for the great words! This will be an awesome weekend. You are the 1st official guest at Chateau Dirty!

  • scoot18uga

    That’s gotta be an in-n-out burger right? Very tasty, enjoy your trip!

  • Sarah

    Congratulations to Hardy!

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