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May 6, 2009 · 5 comments

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I can’t explain it, but until last week I had not been to West Egg. Yes, I love breakfast. Yes, it’s close to home. Yes, many people have told me it’s very good, and hell, I’ve even had one of their Coca-Cola cupcakes (the cola is actually in the frosting). Does anyone else have one of those places that they see all the time, sort of want to try, but just never do? The worst is when you finally go to said place, and then you find out, boy I’m an idiot, I should have been coming here for ages. Well, that’s how I felt within 5 minutes after I parked my car at White Provisions and took a peek at the West Egg menu.

We arrived on a Saturday early enough to beat the crowds that I’ve seen form on the weekend, probably around 8:45AM. That may seem early, but working in the construction industry, this is a late breakfast for yours truly.

Our extremely friendly waiter takes my order of coffee and water and I settle in to the menu. Wait a minute…is that the new Kanye album they are playing? Indeed. They actually played the entire album during my meal, getting me in the mood for a righteous meal/entire Saturday.


Anyways, good problems were at hand – too many enticing choices! In addition to the regular menu, where I was eyeing the black bean cakes, they had a brunch menu attachment that was calling out to me. My decisions was between the machaca breakfast burrito and the huevos tejanos, but when I thought about it, I have breakfast burritos probably 4 out of 7 mornings, so I went with the tejanos.


I tried to urge my non-meat-loving girlfriend into ordering the banana bread French toast, but she predictably went grits and a cheese biscuit. Lots o’ cheese.


The huevos tejanos wasn’t some mind-blowing, intriguing breakfast combination, but it was one of the more solid breakfasts I’ve had in a while. The scrambled eggs were cooked into a thick cake, but weren’t the slightest bit burned or runny. They were mixed in with a healthy dose of red onions, peppers, jalapenos, then topped with a just-right dollop of salsa and sour cream. I also chose to add cheddar cheese and felt good about that decision.


The potatoes were the bees knees though. I imagine these are made by either steaming or boiling whole, small potatoes, which they then allow to cool. Once the order is placed the potatoes are smashed so that some large chunks remain, then placed on the griddle, seasoned, and fried a la a hash brown cake (flipped once). If this isn’t how they make them, well, sorry.

The outside had a crunchy crust of potato-awesomeness, while the center of the “cake” was just warm enough, soft, a bit mushy, but a pleasant contrast to the crispy texture of the crust. It was refreshing having hash browns where I could actually taste real potato. Often they still have that frozen taste, or they are fried to the max so just taste fried-ness and no potato.


Yeah, I liked it.

We also ordered a red velvet cake cupcake to go, and am happy to report that it was up to snuff.

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  • Next time try the Peachtree Plate – awesome! Glad you enjoyed it!

  • ever had the breakfast potatoes at highland bakery? awesome!

  • Jimmy

    Stephanie –

    I have not had those at HB, but the promise of great breakfast potatoes sounds like I may need to make the visit!



  • Aaron

    Gonna have to disagree with both you, and Amy W. on this one Bones. As you know, I’m a huge West Egg fan, but the huevos tejanos wasn’t my favorite dish. Too little salsa and sour cream, too many onions & peppers, and the eggs weren’t flavorful. The potatoes are usually a little undercooked. That’s why you gotta get the grits. Best I’ve had in Atlanta. The black bean cakes are always very good.

    As far as the Peachtree Plate goes, it’s good except for the bacon. The bacon is so sweet that it’s barely edible without your throat closing up. The pimento cheese grits are really good, but you can’t eat too much. I’ve had better fried green tomatoes.

  • Holy shizzle … how have you never been there? West Egg does well as a place to setup your laptop during the day (just fyi). While I’ll avoid speaking to any particular dish, I find the grub to be solid (more often than not). Not a culinary exploration by any means, but certainly a decent addition to anyone’s “restaurant rotation”

    Nice pics

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