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January 8, 2009 · 4 comments

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I’m definitely behind the curve on writing about FLIP Burger Boutique, as it’s been open for a number of weeks and apparently everyone has already been there, but I’m not too proud to post late.  Considering I live 2 miles straight down Chattahoochee Blvd from FLIP, I should have been there on day 1, but instead I decided to wait until the day the AJC posted their official review of FLIP, giving it 4 stars. Congratulations are in order for Richard, Mark, all the other chefs, as well as the rest of the team at FLIP. 

Congratulations may have been in order for the staff at FLIP, but the only thing in store for the diners last night was a significant wait! We arrived around 7:15 last night and it was straight jammed! The restaurant was full, the bar was full, the waiting area was full, the sidewalk outside was almost full. See below. 


But we had resolve and an undeniable hunger for burgers, so I pushed my way to the bar and ordered a few drinks while we waited. 


This gave me plenty of time to check out the interior, as well as do some fantastic people watching. A very trendy crowd indeed, there was even one guy who was profound enough to wear a button down shirt with either the top 3 or 4 buttons undone; quite the fashionista. 

The space is very clean – white tables, white walls, trendy aluminum bar stools for the center tables, and the long bar featuring an alternate pattern of mirrors and flat panel TV’s, both surrounded by the same style of classic white frame.  The very large booths on the left side of the restaurant have a  duplicate of the bottom booth inverted and stacked towards the ceiling, “flipped”, to create a divider, separating the booths and creating the most private and special spots to sit in the restaurant. Unless you’re a hipster and want to sit at the burger bar facing the open window to the kitchen where you can watch the staff cook, top, present, and prepare the numerous burgers flying out of there by the minute. 


pictured: Ryan, clearly wanting a burger, and also not living up to his moniker, “Smiles”

After 80 minutes or so we were seated, ready to devour anything coming our way. Our friendly waitress arrived quickly to take drink orders while we figured out how we were going to tackle this menu. Sharing was definitely on the docket. 


Above: the turf n earth burger with arugula and goat cheese

Ryan and I decided to split four burgers, and the two ladies chose one for themselves. The total burger order included a bun mi (a play on the Vietnamese Banh Mi), the turf n earth (mushroom patty for the veggie), the butcher cut, the southern, the pâté melt, and a regular flip burger. As sides we ordered the sweet potato tots, the fried rutabaga and the french fries. 

We were so ravenous, when the food quickly came out, I started eating so quickly I wasn’t even thinking about the flavors or the quality, so I had to quickly slow down and pace myself.

We cut the burgers in half for sharing, so I ended up getting four halves to try, plus a few bites of the turn n earth, which was quite interesting, and definitely earthy. I’m not a huge mushroom fan, so I wasn’t in love with it, but when you got a bite of the goat cheese along with a big hunk of the warm, soft (but firm) bun, it was very enjoyable. In fact, the bread was a major contribution to all the burgers. Some may have other favorite styles of burger delivery system, but I thought the buttery brioche style was the perfect accompaniment. 


the butcher cut and the bun mi

Once I slowed down I began to take note of the differences of the meat and how the flavors were working together. The blue cheese was just the right amount on the butcher cut, as was the pimento cheese on the southern. 

The side dishes were also very notable. The fries were short, but perfectly crisp with a homemade smoked mayo that brought me back to Belgium.


fries with smoked mayo

The onion rings were quite good, but not nearly as notable as the sweet potato tots, which stole the show. Though you don’t receive a ton of them, they were perfectly crispy, large, and of awesome sweet potato substance (not like regular tot-filler). 


sweet potato tots with blue cheese dipping sauce

Lastly I tried a few sips of the krispy kreme milkshake, which as I had heard, was not as overpowering as you might think at first. The flavor was definitely recognizable, and the flavor and texture perfectly in balance. 


southern burger with pimento cheese

Overall I thought FLIP was outstanding. I love burgers, and they won me over with the freshness, creativity, and the fun setting. While I wasn’t amazed with every burger, I absolutely loved the butcher’s cut and the pâté melt. Pimento cheese is one of my favorite’s so that was also a big-time winner in my book. The bun mi was a little disappointing – just a bit too non-descript for me. But the meat was consistently juicy, deliciously flavorful, and cooked to my preference (medium or so for the beef). I look forward to trying some of others. Maybe if we get another economic stimulus I will try the $30 A3 Kobe burger. 

As far as value goes, FLIP is also a winner. Our table ordered 6 burgers, 3 sides, 1 milkshake, 2 beers, and a Fire Fly vodka cocktail. Split evenly and included tax & tip, this totaled to about $25 per person. I felt like for the level of the cuisine, and the quantity of food, it was well worth it. 

We ended up eating too much, but I don’t regret it, and I had a blast. The energy level was high, burgers were flying out the kitchen, and smiles were on everyone’s faces as they left. Earlier in the night, about a half an our into our wait, a woman approached me and gleefully said, “it’s worth the wait!”. And she was right.

FLIP menu available here
View FLIP review on Yelp 

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  • katie

    I was there last night as well. Thought it was fantastic. I had the butcher cut and split fries, onion rings, and tots with my table. I thought the fries were nothing to write home about, the rings were pretty good, and the tots were amazing! Loved the blue cheese foam too.

  • So glad you guys tested the waters! One annieznosko and I are planning a latelunch/earlydrunk there Saturday afternoon. We hope to beat the crowds but linger long enough to see chest hair. I think I’ll try the Southern; Pimento is slammin’. Cheese made out of cheese! What could be better?

  • Prestone

    I wonder who had the Fire Fly Vodka drink???

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