Jackets Win and So Does The Last Resort

November 30, 2008 · 1 comment

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After 7 frustrating years, we have won a game against UGA. Georgia Tech looked good, but I was definitely in angst because I was sure we were gonna blow the lead we gained after a tremendous third quarter.

We left Atlanta around 7:30AM and got set up in Athens around 9:30, giving us a solid 2 hours of time for tailgating. It was raining, but our spirits could not be dampened as we found a covered parking lot in which we could prepare for battle. By drinking beer.

At game time I was quite anxious, and despite the weather there was a great crowd in attendance. Georgia was hoping to win and set their streak at 8 wins, which, by the way is Georgia Tech’s largest win-streak in the series. Better luck next time, doggies.

Victory picture!

We waited for a couple of hours, and enjoyed the victory. After that we headed out to enjoy a nice dinner. My friend Sam recommended a place called The Last Resort. I didn’t know it at the time, but this place has the highest rating on Yelp of any restaurant in Athens.

The food was outstanding, and at very reasonable prices (compared to Atlanta, especially).

We had the potato onion pancake, which I thought was pretty good. It was unique, but kind of bitter if you didn’t get a dallop of the sweet reduced balsamic drizzle in your bite.

Katie had the Southwestern Roll, which kind of looks like a mess in this photo, but it was actually presented nicely. It was a great appetizer with a fresh, tasty salsa.

I had the hanger steak topped with a spicy and cilantro-rich tomato veracruz, served with lush yukon potatoes, and crunchy haricot verts. The steak was served in a sweet chili glaze and it was cooked perfectly to medium-rare, as requested. It was different than the usual, and was a real treat after the win.

Others in our party had the filet mignon, which was definitely above average and better than expected, and others got the red snapper cooked in parchment (also presented in the opened parchment). The presentation was unique, and the fish was fresh, flaky, and perfect tasting.

I will definilely eat here after we win again in Athens in two years!

Last Resort Grill on Urbanspoon

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  • Hayes

    We had the TV showing highlights turned off at the Mellow Mushroom because we were cheering so loud.

    DAWG manager!

    On a related note to this blawg, I ate here for a sorrority formal one time and also thought it was very good.

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