Souper Jenny’s Lunch Extravaganza

September 26, 2008 · 1 comment

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I had not heard about Souper Jenny’s until the last week of this past July, with that week unfortunately being the last week they were open before they closed for the month of August. I asked my boss for the same accomodation, and he didn’t go for it.

Souper Jenny’s is a small (mostly) lunch spot on East Andrews in Buckhead. If you love you some soup, you have to check it out. This quaint, home-like establishment is creating some of the best soup I’ve had, along with fresh, creative side dishes, sandwiches, and salads, all served by over-the-top-friendly thespeians. Oh, and the menu changes daily. Their goal every day is to have 6 different soups, 2 sandwiches, and some sides and salads. Everything is made fresh, using quality ingredients (no canned veggies here).

Want to receive them menu via email every day? They can do that.

Some things to know about Souper Jenny’s:

  • Cash only. They have an ATM in the line
  • No cell phones
  • Seating space is limited – however, all the buckhead people take so freaking long to order that the logistics work out. Standing in line and hearing “ohhhhhhhhh that looks soooo gooooood, can I try that one tooooo?” almost makes me lose my appetite. Almost. When I am in buffet/cafeteria lines, I move with expert efficiency due to my utmost respect of other people’s time
  • Come early or come late. At 12-12:30 the line is 25-50 people long.
  • It makes a great eHarmony date locale
  • Clean your own table when you are done eating
Another interesting thing Souper Jenny’s does is called the Underground Supper Club. You can signup via email to be on the list of people to potentially be chosen for a secret dinner, of which you are notified only 24 hours in advance. Jenny will email you that you’ve been selected, where the secret locale is, and you show up for an intimate five course dinner, with each course cooked by a different local chef. $125 per person includes wine pairings. I’ve heard of this type of thing before, but never in Atlanta.
Also, Thursday night is the only night they are open for dinner, and it’s officially grilled cheese night. Get you some soup and a killer grilled cheese (though a half grilled cheese wasn’t enough for me last time).
Yesterday I went for the $12 lunch special, as usual. For $12 you choose two – a side, a soup, or a sandwich. You also get a roll from Breadwinner, a cookie, and a drink. I had a large bowl of Albondigas soup that had turkey meatballs, vegetables, and hominy, and my second dish was the lima bean salad (awesomely fresh and tastey, with arugula and black eyed peas). I also tried a sandwich, which was the best chewy and doughy pita I’ve ever had, stuffed with goat cheese and tomato. $12 isn’t cheap, though it includes tax, and you aren’t going to find anywhere that will give you such a quantity at such quality.

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