All Over the Palate – Aug 13, 2008

August 13, 2008 · 1 comment

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I am traveling this week, so here are some links to hold you over. I have a few good (hopefully) posts coming up later this week. Enjoy.

Taste Buddies: Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms

Foodie With Family: Making Mozzarella

Veronica’s Test Kitchen: KFC (Thomas Keller Fried Chicken)

Appetite For China: Sichuan Dried-Fried Green Beans

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  • I hope you get a chance to try out the mozzarella recipe, because once you’ve made your own mozzarella there’s no going back. It’s perfect for us geeks because it’s reminiscent of alchemy. And who wouldn’t rather make cheese out of nothing (well, okay, milk…) than gold? Is it really a question?

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