2013 Liberty Park/Westside Chili Cook Off

February 7, 2013

Those of you who know me personally have probably received emails about this (more than you care for, likely), but the 6th annual chili cook-off that a buddy and I put on is a little over two weeks away, and anyone (non-weirdos, please) is welcome. Like last year, the casual cook-off will be held upstairs […]

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Bone Lick BBQ

December 13, 2012

Post number 247 in the “I took the photos, so here they are” series – another visit to Bone Lick BBQ. It’s not far from home, and I wanted to give it another chance after my first visit. We tried a few things. The bacon wrapped sausage topped with cheese is sort of silly, but […]

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The Optimist – Oyster Bar

November 13, 2012

 My first visit to the Optimist was right after they opened, and on the restaurant’s dime. I liked it overall. A skate wing was very poor, and has since been removed from the menu. As everyone says, the Smith Hanes space is stunning, a large hull of a room, rocking with people below the viewport […]

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Bocado & STG Trattoria

November 5, 2012

After visiting both of owner Brian Lewis’ restaurant in one week, I figured I would post them together. They are both well established at this point, though both STG Trattoria and Bocado have seen recent change. STG is now serving brunch, and Chef Todd Ginsberg left Bocado to join up with the Johnson’s of West […]

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SFA Piggy Bank Dinner / Where I’ve Been

October 30, 2012

There hasn’t been much of substance on here in a while, and I’ve been going through the recurring introspection, guilt, and whining that comes with having a blog. I won’t apologize for not having posts, because it makes me want to puke when I read blogs that constantly do the “sorry I haven’t posted in […]

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Hudson North – Atlantic Station Pop-Up

October 10, 2012

Last night my wife duped me into seeing Pitch Perfect in Atlantic Station, which ending up being You Got Served, but with a female a capella group at Agnes Scott.

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Green Chiles at Taqueria | A Visit to Bone Lick BBQ

September 5, 2012

Taqueria del Sol’s annual Hatch chile festival is this upcoming Sunday, September 9, and in traditional fashion the Atlanta locations are featuring a few green chile items on the menu in the days leading up to the event. Tickets for Sunday’s event can be purchased online ($18.25 – includes entry and food, not drinks). I […]

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Lure Menu

June 13, 2012
Thumbnail image for Lure Menu

Update June 20  – The menu for Lure has been pulled and I have been informed by Fifth Group that the menu and prices were not finalized and should not have been posted by the webmaster. Please take this into consideration when reading this post, and I want to reiterate that a comparison like this […]

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