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April 2, 2016

hacked by NG689Skw

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January 2014 Gavage

January 23, 2015

Eating here and there. Jigae and pancake at So Kong Dong. My favorite for Korean stews. My first visit to the new location of Cafe Agora. The mixed maza platter is the jam. She-crab soup at Canoe for brunch. Murky and delicious. My brother nails a rib roast. Chicken laksa at Mamak. I’m no Malaysian […]

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Lusca Lunch

October 4, 2014

Lusca has been open for lunch for a month or so now in South Buckhead, and was my recent pick for a guy-guy date lunch. I thoroughly enjoyed it, though it’s too expensive for regular lunch visits. With a glass of wine, splitting three dishes and a vegetable side, it was about $45 for my share of it. […]

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SC Coast Trip 2012 – FIG, Trattoria Lucca, Next Door, Glass Onion, Louis’s at Sanford’s

April 17, 2012

Every year I visit a number of South Carolina cities in a dizzying week of work related ‘fun’. I make the most of the tedious travel and computer repair and asset depreciation reconciliation by visiting SC during its most beautiful season of the year. Naturally, I create a game with myself where I see how […]

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Date Night at Kyma & STG Trattoria

April 7, 2012

It’s been a while since Katie and I have been on an actual sit down date night. We tend to visit the bars of restaurants, maybe just for a night cap, or perhaps an appetizer or dessert. As I was trying to figure out what we wanted to get into on our Friday evening, the […]

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One Eared Stag – Sunday Lunch

September 20, 2011

Finally made my first visit to One Eared Stag this past Sunday. I wasn’t sure if the former Shaun’s locale was open upon arriving shortly after 1PM. The restaurant was completely empty, and remained that way throughout the meal. Several reports have noted that service can be spotty, but our waiter was all over us, which […]

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Husk Restaurant

April 25, 2011

Last week I was traipsing all over South Carolina for work, a trip that took me almost a thousand miles across five cities. But I don’t mind too much, as an opportunity to dine Charleston and hit the beach in Savannah (Tybee) leaves one with few complaints. On my journey I look for a lot […]

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Duck Confit

January 17, 2011

As someone who claims to be really into cooking, it’s embarrassing to admit I’ve never done a proper batch of duck legs confit. Once I basically did it with the two legs on a whole duck I purchased, but I wasn’t able to render enough fat to fully cover the duck, so I had to […]

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