Smoked Prime Rib

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Smoked prime rib night!

Just a brief post from the cooking files – smoked prime rib roast. There’s nothing like a well prepared hunk of meat to serve as show-stopper for a dinner party. This beef roast was covered in a generous amount of salt, pepper, and fennel pollen then it rested in the refrigerator for a number of hours. Before cooking it came to room temp on the counter for another few hours.

It was smoked on my Big Green Egg for a couple hours at around 250. When it was just about ready it was removed and blasted in the oven to firm up the bark. It had a nice rest then it was sliced up and served with monster asparagus, The Food Lab hasselback gratin, and a salsa verde.

If you haven’t tried the hasselback gratin, it’s a fun creation that is worth the effort.  It combines a wonderful gratin, creamy and tender on the bottom, with crusty and crunchy potato “chips” with frico’d cheese on top. If you do try it, I find it needs more cooking time than the recipe states, so plan accordingly. It can also be par-cooked ahead of time it that helps from a planning perspective.

Smoked prime rib night!


Smoked prime rib night!

This dinner party provided the chance to use my fancy toast holder wifey bought me. She spotted them at an antique market, just after we enjoyed a dinner at Bacchanalia, which uses a similar necessity during their dinner service. Fancy toast holders are a reminder to live life to the fullest!

Prime Rib Night!

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