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July 22, 2014 · 1 comment

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Hey there. I took these photos. If you didn’t see them on my Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or Tinder page, well then, you are in luck.

Ever eaten an entire platter of chicken hearts? You can do so at Yet Tuh on Buford Highway. That place is neat. We didn’t order exceptionally well, and they missed one of our dishes ordered, as language barrier is a real factor here. Staff was really sweet to my young baby, who is going to grow up in a weird world of pickly banchan and offal.

Next up – bbq brisket and pork at Crooked Tree Cafe in Vinings/Cumberland area. This is not a place for a bbq purist. If you’re a saucy bbq guy, maybe give it a shot.


A friend got this Spanish ham for his world cup parties. Really, every home bar should have one.


LOTS of new-ish bbq in town, including a few in the Buckhead area.

lovie's bbq

Wings were my only sampling, and I was not a fan of the high amount of sugar in the rub. It was pretty jam packed with a good vibe, so I will go back and try some other meats.

lovie's bbq

A picture of oysters? Must be Kimball House. NOPE. The Optimist. The selection at the oyster bar was greater than I’ve seen in the past, including a $3.90 oyster ($5/each with tax and tip) called Shibumi which was in fact excellent but sort of crosses the price decency threshold I maintain for one oyster.


We moved over to the main bar at Optimist, where you can order from the proper menu, including the smoked fish rice which is a must-order for me, and the shrimp ala plancha that were overcooked.


Ssam burger has changed ownership and the menu has changed greatly. The tasty burgers, such as the Kimcheese, can still be found, but the menu has expanded to include chicken wings, surprisingly well put together rice bowls (tofu below), and weirdly, Philly cheese steaks, gyros, and mozzarella sticks. Perfect for when that bulgogi and wings and onion ring craving strikes.

ssam burger

My first BLT of the season at Muss & Turner’s. Yum.

muss & turner

For about the sixth time I will say, La Tavola is underrated, which is funny to say for a restaurant that packs it out every night. We had ricotta bruschetta, tuna tagliata, lamb ragu gnocchi, and squid ink linguini – all really satisfying. Next week the annual “tomatofeast” will begin, which should be a can’t miss. (my photos from two years ago)

la tavola la tavola

la tavola la tavola

Slutty kung pao at Orient Express in Vinings. The dated name fits the dated concept, which is a train separated into sections – hibachi, sushi, and Chinese. It’ll do.


orient express

I just got a Big Green Egg. I’m day dreaming of what I can throw on there each day. First longer smoke was ribs.

bge bge

I can be found in front of this the rest of the summer.


Bonus photo – Rowdy’s southern Sichuan hot chicken. Amazeballs.


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    Your photo of M&T BLT made my dinner decision for tonight! TYVM

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