Moonie’s Texas BBQ Revisit

June 19, 2014 · 6 comments

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Moonie's Texas BBQ

This past weekend I revisited Moonie’s Texas BBQ in Flowery Branch. Twice.

We were on our way to spend some time with family in Highlands, NC like proper Atlantans (spoken in three syllables) do in the summer, when I realized we would pass the Flowery Branch exit on 985, and Moonie’s is just a short mile off the freeway. It only took the promise of mac ‘n cheese to convince the vegetarian wife we needed to make a to-go pit stop.

The “moist” (request moist or lean) brisket I had was so good, melty, smokey, spicy, and just about perfect, I lusted for another quickie on the way home Sunday night, that time opting for a pound of ribs on top of the brisket.

These photos suck, but I could not not share the gospel of fine smoked meats.

The ribs used to be weekend only, and they are darn fine too. A touch more than spicy, they are tender but not falling apart, with a fine chew, ideal for slow bites in order to savor every bit.

Moonie's Texas BBQ

No sauce is needed for either, though I did swipe the leftovers in a bit the next day, and while not as lively as the prior day, it was still better than damn near most the bbq one finds out there.

Consistency is one of the darndest facets of good BBQ, but if it’s always this good (Friday brisket did best Sunday a touch), it’s destination worthy to me. But don’t expect to visit an “unfound gem” – the locals pack this place in, with primetime waits for twenty to forty minutes just to order. I was told that on Sunday that a line was formed at the door before they opened, and they ran out of every single thing, save the sausage, which I found to just be serviceable.

BBQ joints can be found on nearly ever corner, but damned if the masses don’t know quality when they see it, and they will line up for it and smile while they do.

Moonie's Texas BBQ

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  • jrsobeck

    The pics are fine by me. I wanted to lick my screen.

  • Katie wife

    Moist meat. *shudder*


  • JustJan

    I have been following you for years! Love your style!

  • BentHalo

    I fell in love with Moonie’s a little over a year ago. It’s been a favorite ever since! I do NOT like baked beans, but there is something about their’s that I enjoy. I love that they aren’t fancy…..they focus on serving excellent food!

  • Stephen

    I live down the street from Moonie’s and have never heard of or seen waits of 20 to 40 minutes. Been there a lot and the most I’ve waited is 5 minutes to place an order. Maybe I’m just lucky.

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