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May 20, 2014 · 1 comment

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Sushi Huku

It hasn’t been in my budget lately, but the last month I’ve visited Sushi Huku twice for some raw fish fun. Huku may not have the sexiness and flash of Umi, the hot sushi restaurant right now, but Chef Jey Oh is a friend, and Huku has the “regular” vibe and personal, casual attention I enjoy.

Huku is a traditional spot, with many Japanese regulars with certain expectations, but they have the chance to have a little more fun and play with the menu at their new spot in the works, Craft Izakaya, which is set to open later this year at Krog Street Market. KSM has a killer line-up of restaurants forthcoming, it’s going to be tough to decide where to go when heading that way – Fred’s Meat and Bread, Gu’s, The Luminary, Grand Champion BBQ – this is going to be a destination for sure, ripe for an evening food tour.

Sushi Huku

Craft Izakaya should fare well. Jey has talked about elevating his sushi offerings a bit, with more prepared dishes with developed presentations and interesting combinations. Unlike Huku, it will also feature a full bar with a crafted cocktail menu. Besides being a destination unto itself, Craft Izakaya could really be a prime spot to start the evening with a cocktail and some sushi or sashimi. I know Jey’s attention to detail, and his never ending desire to improve and prove himself, will make this a success for him and his family.

Sushi Huku

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