Cooking Update – December 2013

December 30, 2013 · 1 comment

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pizza on little black egg

Hi there, internet traveler. How about a post with some cooking from November and December? Onward.

I cooked pizzas with my brother using my Little Black Egg It’s somewhat volatile, but can create a great product.

I also made a bunch of Tex Mex food for a day of football watching, and I instagrammed it like it’s hot.

I made fundido in my cast iron crepe pan, which has many uses in my house, none of which are crepes.

Tex Mex

I did personal sized chiles topped with cornbread and classic enchiladas, which I always enjoy. I used pre-marinated chicken fajitas filling purchased from Buford Highway Farmer’s market for $2.99/#. It’s a good deal.

Tex Mex

Spicy smoked wings were OK, but not as good as I had hoped. They were based on this Meatwave recipe, without the liquid sauce.

Tex Mex

I don’t eat much dessert, but do enjoy the occasional pie. I made the crust, and was reminded of why I like a nice crust as I added two sticks of butter to it.

apple pie

You can’t beat soft scrambled eggs, when the eggs are good. I picked up some farm eggs at Storico Fresco, among other things. One of which was Saba, a grape must reduction which can be used as a condiment on its own, or added to something else when you want a hit of wine-friendly acidity and flavor enhancement. Sort of like a very high quality balsamic, but at lesser cost.

farm eggs

The holidays means eating certain types of dishes, and we hit the high marks across the week – turkey, ham, and beef. My brother did another smoked rib roast, which I greatly enjoyed.

smoked ribeye

I also sampled the Kenji/Serious Eats hasselbrack gratin three times; my brother made it twice and I made it once. Every time it could have been improved upon a little, but this dish has so much potential. Using a round dish on the shallower side is key to getting lots of crispy potatoes up top. It’s such a simple but dish-changing innovation.

This weekend I made duck confit, and am looking forward to tackling cassoulet and a few other things over New Year’s Eve and Day. I’m sure picture will be forthcoming. Happy holidays!

hasselback gratin

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    That is an incredibly sexy rib roast.

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