Canoe Lunch Burger

July 23, 2013 · 0 comments

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When my office moved walking distance to Canoe, I recalled an article Jon Watson wrote in the AJC about the duck and beef burger they offer. I knew it would be mine.

But upon internet sleuthing, I discovered the lunch burger did not list duck as an ingredient. What’s that? TWO burgers I must try? Bonus.

Pictured above is the house ground angus burger with cheddar. It kinda looks like there is melty American cheese on the burger, but that is just mustard which had the color adjusted by me in an attempt to make this photo viewable.

Thin, heavily seared burgers are all the rage, but I have a soft spot for a thick burger which tastes of BEEF, with just enough salt. This, my friends, at $11 with fries, does an amazing job of meeting this expectation. Even better, the patty is loose and tender, nearly falling apart from the grasp of the lightly toasted bun. Not cheffy, not slutty… a damn good burger.

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