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June 13, 2013 · 3 comments

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Salt Yard has opened on Peachtree Rd, next door to the new(ish) Watershed in The Brookwood condo building. They share a valet in the parking garage.

They feature – get this – small plates. The menu is slightly worrisome to a seasoned eater. There’s quite a bit of breadth, with little focus except on the size and shareability format.  French, Italian, Mediterranean, Asian, Southern…it’s all covered.

But I wasn’t there to “review”, just enjoy the company of some friends, all of us just returning from big trips during the month of May. One always inspired member of our group had the idea that we would each share four photos from our trip – people, food, landscape, and anything else crazy or interesting. We looked like dorks with our iPads, but it ended up being an enjoyable and equitable way to share about our vacations.

Service was good. It’s BYOB until they get their license so we brought wine and sake and beer.

Food – There certainly is something for everything, and execution varied, as is the case at new restaurants. Personally, I’d prefer more focus when it comes to dish conception.

Favorites of mine were the octopus, the liver parfait, scallops, kale salad, burrata, and the zeppolis for dessert.








crispy oyster


scallops, sunchoke puree




thai salad


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  • Name

    Do you think your friends are maybe a little secretly annoyed when they have to wait to eat the food you’re sharing while you take the camera back out, turn the plate, manually focus, crack a joke because you feel awkward, check the picture to make sure it turned out, put the camera away — ad infinitum?

  • Nope, I didn’t make a single person wait one second. I just happened to take a quick shot with my phone whenever a plate was in front of me. That’s why there are not photos of five or more dishes we ate.

    Unless you are one of my friends, trying to give me a hint, which could possible explain why you commented using an anonymous web server.

  • Sally Morris

    I understand your reservations, but this looks good to me. I can’t wait to try it!

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