Moonie’s Texas Barbeque

April 4, 2013 · 1 comment

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Moonie's Texas BBQ

Have you heard of Moonie’s Texas BBQ in Flowery Branch? Probably not. Though it pains me as a world-famous blogger to admit, until a few days ago, I too was in the dark on this one. A friend (who happens to be leaving today on a multi-day Texas BBQ eating trip from Houston to Dallas) told me about this Texas-style meat improvement facility, and as an appreciator of all those with the ability to convert raw flesh to smoky beef magic, I made the easy decision to ride thirty-five minutes up I-85 to see what’s shaking.

The menu has pork, ribs, beef sausage, and turkey, but when I asked what’s good (a stupid question, I realize), the fast answer was, “The brisket.”

You can order sandwiches, plates, or  “Texas-style” where ones pays by weight. We sampled everything but the ribs, which are weekend only.

Moonie's Texas BBQ

My plate (full spread below) – brisket, pork, Brunswick stew, cold macaroni, white bread, Lone Star Beer.

The proteins are all very good. I do think the brisket is the best, and belongs in the conversation when discussing well done beef BBQ in the Atlanta area. Good amount of fat and smoke. I like a touch more spice. BEEF flavor. The pork is no slouch though – tender and a really nice hit of smoke. The cold and (not overly) creamy macaroni was a welcome change of pace, and darn tasty. My favorite side of all I tried. The stew was a let down. Not much flavor, thin.

I also sampled a brisket sausage (the fellow at the counter warned us it was in testing and it was salty), and the turkey was as moist and flavorful as anyone eating turkey at a Texas BBQ restaurant could want. It had a strong taste of coriander to me, a flavor I like, but what do I know.

This will certainly be an option I will pursue further in my travels to South Carolina.

Moonie's Texas BBQ

For more on this serious beef matter, check out the Georgia BBQ Hunt’s post on Moonie’s.

Moonie's Texas BBQ

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  • EJ

    Been here a few times and I’d have to agree the brisket is the highlight. I’m really interested in trying the brisket sausage now. Glad you had a good experience.

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