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January 21, 2013 · 2 comments

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wrecking ball

Not sure how I had not been to the Wrecking Bar Brewpub. What a fantastic building, they did an incredible restoration job. We peeked inside, which is used for events. The pub is below.

Huge whiskey list. Good prices.

wrecking ball

We only had a snack, and we shared a pretzel and crudites with fondue. This really would be a terrible dish at many pubs, so I was pleased and somewhat surprised that the pretzel was great, the cheese wasn’t heavy or gloppy, and the vegetables and fruits were all crunchy and fresh. A really nice dish, actually.

wrecking ball

Beets with quinoa looked good as well.

wrecking ball

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Another random somewhat recent visit (with photos I forgot about) was to Local Republic in Lawrenceville, a city I had the pleasure of visiting four times while trying to get a business license.

“Sir, are you signed in?”

“There’s nobody else here.”

“Please sign in and we will call you.” (I sign, sit, four seconds later…)

“Can I help [looks down at paper]…Jimmy?” (I stand up, walk the eight feet over to the table, hide the murder from my eyes)

A cheesesteak helps ease violent notions. Not a purists version, but great beef.

local republic

Thin bechamel style bacon mac lacks…bacon.

local republic

Mushroom toasts. A hefty portion of local fungi. Too much for one person, but I’d certainly throw in to share them.

Good beer options, though I wasn’t drinking, despite the heavy need for one.

It’s a likable place. Reading online, people up there go crazy for it. If I were a restauranteur I’d strongly consider the burbs. New-ish restaurants like Table & Main and Local Republic, with modern wine, beer, cocktail options and quality ingredients and progressive or fashionable dishes do insane business.

local republic

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  • Yes, very good prices (and selection) on the whiskey!

  • Totally agree on Wrecking Bar. The food there is great, as are the beer and staff. One of my favorite places in the city. Highlights: Wild Mushroom Flatbread, North Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich and Denamelizer Double IPA.

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