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The holidays were great, but as for so many, there is a little bit of stress due to the intense scheduling of events. A drop-in at this grandparents, dinner at this house, parties with friends – it takes its toll. It’s great to be a homebody sometimes. That’s when I do my best cooking. My favorite part is the prep – working on numerous dishes, listening to music, probably drinking a beer.

Looking at some photos, I realize exactly how much I’ve had going on. Not enough for a notable blog post, but with their powers combined, I can be lazy and get a post up. I have a few things in the works, and a trip to Vegas in less than a week, which should provide some fodder.

Away we go.

I’ll begin by saying I’m excited for the Falcons tomorrow. I am not #1 fan, but I go to one or two games a year, and would love it for a city that has not had a championship since the 90’s. The iphone panaroma is a gimmick, but can be kinda neat.


And I forgot how close Jamal’s Wings is to the Georgia Dome. I picked up a dozen on the walk back to my car. Best wings I’ve had in years. Plump, but well rendered and not chewy.


I went to the Dave Sweeney Alsatian vegetable dinner at Cakes & Ale on Dec 30. As Dynamic Dish was one of our favorite places, and Katie being a veg, it was a no brainer to attend this $45 per person set dinner. Here are a few more photos from the dinner, which consisted of a beet salad, a green salad, pizza, and flax seed potatoes. It was very much a throwback to DD, but perhaps a little more casual than I was expecting. But in terms of nostalgia, it hit the mark. I always did love pizza night. And those potatoes! How can they be so crisp and lovely?

Dynamic Dave @ Cakes & Ale Dynamic Dave @ Cakes & Ale

Made my first visit to Mamie’s in Conyers. Anyone been? Holy shiz the biscuits are great. Maybe best in Atlanta. It’s just my speed – not overly fluffy or sweet, but rich and crumbly with a fine crust.

Mamie's Mamie's biscuits

My brother and I cooked quite a bit for the Falcons playoff game last weekend. First barbacoa and beans (I’ve been obsessed with pressure cooking) and indirect sriracha wings.

Cooking - Falcons game day  Cooking - Falcons game day

Then chile braised short ribs and mac and cheese.

Cooking - Falcons game day Pressure cooker Pasilla chile short ribs for tomorrow's game

We managed to fit in a few pizzas too, as I’m trying out a pizza oven I recently made along with a buddy. More on this later as I test.

Cooking - Falcons game day Cooking - Falcons game day

I also ground a bunch of beef recently, using short rib and chuck. Probably 25% and 75% mix. I got a French crepe pan for Christmas, which is like a super thin cast iron skillet, and heats quickly and conducts very well, providing a superior sear on burgers, especially when using the “smash” technique. I like making little burgers – the buns below are the Publix sliders.


I can fit a damn big burger on those small buns though. Exhibit A, another recent attempt.


The Shed at Glenwood seems to be doing very well lately. I’ve been hearing high marks for Chef Todd Richards’ new menu and sampled two appetizers on a recent visit. Pork belly with quail egg and beans were killer; the cinnamon sauce was unnecessary to me but I get why it’s there. Belly can be played out, but there is always room for a great version like this. Though, the fantastic camp beans may have been even better than the pork. And a light winter “shrimp cocktail” was excellent, if not a touch sweet for my tastes. Very clean and crisp shrimp flavor.

The Shed  winter shrimp salad

I made my first visit to Bishoku, for a bento sashimi lunch. It was good enough, plenty of food. It’s tough to serve the absolute best fish in a $15 lunch platter, so I’d like to try them again for some real nigiri sampling, though I hate cheating on Huku just a few exits over.


Filed in the “another way to cook halibut” record – seared halibut with squid ink pasta, walnut and parsley pesto, flake salt. I was happy with this when I prepared it for a recent dinner party. I only have thirty pounds of halibut left to play with in the kitchen.

cooking pasta

Until next time…

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