Bone Lick BBQ

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Bone Lick BBQ

Post number 247 in the “I took the photos, so here they are” series – another visit to Bone Lick BBQ. It’s not far from home, and I wanted to give it another chance after my first visit. We tried a few things.

The bacon wrapped sausage topped with cheese is sort of silly, but may cater to a certain niche. I won’t speculate on said niche’s composition.

Bone Lick BBQ

The sauces.

I actually like the South Carolina at Bone Lick better than most mustard sauces in South Carolina, which I find to be too sweet. The others are unoffensive examples of their genre.

Jalapeño mac ‘n cheese is straight forward creamy, cheesy mac. But with a slice of jalapeño on it.

Bone Lick BBQ

The four item sampler is called “The Biggin’s”. One item shy of “The Fat Ass Sampler”, Bone Lick was out of ribs when we ordered, so we were spared the “Fat Ass!” exclamation by the witty staff which recurs upon the presentation of the $26 meat quartet.

There’s some good stuff here, more promising than my last visit. The chicken, pink and tender from just enough time in the smoker, was a highlight. The cumin rich sausage also excels. Brisket was more plentiful and tender than my prior visit, though needs more salinity, spice, and maybe smoke. The pork had dried a little by the time we got to it (we also ordered wings – very solid), and I think pork has a very short shelf life once cracked open, especially if as lean as this sample. It would have done well on a sauced-up sandwich, but was a little uninteresting in this format, lacking melty chunks of fat or crisp layers of bark. Beans were tasty and properly done, firm and meaty, with a sauce on the thinner side.

Very good progress. They are not in the upper echelon of Atlanta BBQ to me (yet?), but are certainly improved from my last visit, and due to proximity I will try again.

Bone Lick BBQ

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