Pho Dai Loi 3

December 3, 2012 · 3 comments

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pho dai loi 3

Hey, I didn’t know there was a Pho Dai Loi 3. It’s in Duluth, not far off the Pleasant Road exit. I stopped in for pho on a drizzly day last week, which seemed appropriate.

It’s a nice, clean place, and my server was friendly.

I ordered a spring roll that had roast beef and shrimp in it. I simply wanted to try something else off the menu, but it’s pretty straight forward. It will do the trick if you want one, but no “walk-don’t-run” blogger speak here.

pho dai loi 3

It’s always a good sign when the pho condiment is crisp and bountiful. Basil, culantro, jalapeno, lime, and bean sprouts, the latter an item I shy away from on my pho these days. I used to be all like, “yeah, more bean sprouts!” but now I’m all like, “maybe a few, they murk up the flavor of the broth.”

pho dai loi 3

Finally – here is the medium bowl of combo pho – $6.50. It really hit the spot. The broth may not be the most aromatic or complex, but it has a nice chicken flavor, and the bowl was full of meat – brisket, sliced round, tripe, tendon. The only pho meat appearance maker I didn’t find was a meatball. I should have added one of those, I like them a lot – the plump and firm texture reminds me of a good version of frozen crockpot meatballs, which aren’t gourmet, but are cheap and satisfying. Kind of like pho.

pho dai loi 3

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  • Diggin’ it!

  • Chirogator

    i was there about a week and half ago. Sinus infection has no better cure than this dish. Hot steamy vietnamese (penicillin) soup. I love it.

  • Spotted Charlie Trotter

    Man, this post really brought you another level up in my confidence. Nice work.

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