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October 19, 2012 · 2 comments

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Hot chicken seems to be, ahem, on fire these days.

Jen Zyman wrote an article for AJC on the topic, as numerous restaurants around town having been creating their take on the dish that Nashville made famous.

Did anyone else notice in that article that Holeman & Finch’s version (which I do not like one bit) is considered an homage to Prince’s Hot Chicken, yet Linton mentions that he’s never had it? That seems odd to me. Also, I went to H&F last night and they changed the hot dog and the wonderful bun to a less wonderful split top style bun. Man, what the hell? The hot dog was perfect! Absolutely perfect. I digress.

Upon visiting the Porter Beer Bar before a Jens Lekman concert the other night, we discovered that they too are offering a hot chicken special – “Smoked hot fried chicken, spicy sauce, asian pear, cilantro white bread”.

We got two orders. As indicated, it’s a more Eastern take on the dish, with a sweet-ish glaze. It’s only a quarter chicken for $13.75, but it’s the biggest damn thigh and leg (the latter stacked on top of the thigh) I’ve ever seen, which is not necessarily a positive. In the pantheon of hot chicken, it’s of average heat. Not wimpy but certainly not formidable.

My friend was telling me he really liked the fish and chips, so I jokingly asked if they would make that hot fish. And they did.

I thought it was better than the chicken – the texture and flavor of the fish lent itself better to the style of sauce. It was really good actually. They should offer this as a special too. I think. What do I know?

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  • Indiscriminate_glutton

    I had the hot chicken at One Eared Stag and after 15-20 minutes, I had to swallow my pride and ask for some milk. Well worth it though.

  • rdg86

    Steinbecks in oakhurst has a hot chicken sandwich called the pimp fill eh. Delicious

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