iEat with iPhone – Thai Restaurant of Norcross, Nicky’s Seafood, Decker’s, Woody’s [part 2]

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Hey, a few more phone photos! First up, we randomly chose a restaurant in Norcross on the way home from South Carolina, stopping at Thai Restaurant of Norcross. The menu is big and ubiquitous, the place was jammed on a Sunday afternoon, and the food was well done. Feeling the effects of a cold, the simple tom kha soup with shrimp hit the spot. My main, another personal favorite, was nam sod – pork salad with onions and cabbage. The menu leaves much to try, but it seems to be a worthy destination for a Thai craving.

Thai Restaurant of Norcross on Urbanspoon


 Nicky’s Seafood. Until a couple of months ago I didn’t know this place existed, and until a week ago I hadn’t seen where it was, which is not  the nicest of night time areas.

Foodies have been abuzz because on weekends a guy comes and prepares what is allegedly a darn fine lobster roll. On off days they sell bisque and clam chowder. The chowder is excellent, the bisque is not quite as notable.

Fried flounder sandwich was good, though I would prefer white bread over wheat. Peel and eat shrimp are surprisingly plump, clean, and tenderly prepared.

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Next up – hot wings at Deckard’s Tavern. The wings are slow baked, then finished on the grill and sauced. While not as crispy as a fried version, they are very tender with hits of flavor developing from the char.

Woody’s makes a good midnight cheesesteak. No word on how their daytime cheesesteak performs.

I picked up some flours and pastas for a pending Italian meal at Toscano & Sons, trying out a “viola” panini with speck, mortadella, salami, provolone, and tapenade. Double meat for $0.75. Really tasty.


The Station House in Cumming, GA. They make a very good, not too thick and fluffy, crispy biscuit with country ham. Gravy courses through my veins as I write.

country breakfast

Can you guess what this is?

name this dish

Buffalo sauce and blue cheese hummus at Taco Mac. Not atrocious, but fairly gut-shuddering.


One day a real camera, and blog posts, will return.

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  • Will have to check out that Thai spot. Nam Sod is a personal fave.

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