Hudson North – Atlantic Station Pop-Up

October 10, 2012 · 0 comments

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Last night my wife duped me into seeing Pitch Perfect in Atlantic Station, which ending up being You Got Served, but with a female a capella group at Agnes Scott.

We rarely visit AS, save for the occasional flick. Fortuitously on this day, I happened to see a PR email regarding a new pop-up restaurant in the old Grape space called Hudson North, and in a daze of estrogen laced movie cliche, I stumbled over to check it out. Wyatt Williams covers the details on Hudson North here, so I won’t regurgitate further, having already done that during the “film”.

I was curious how such an elaborate (it’s a fully furnished and decorated restaurant) setup could exist for less than three months, and the bartender told us the space was open until January 1, when it is to become a new, unrelated restaurant. The owner of Cypress St was provided access and he wanted to push himself and see what he could do with it in this short time, I’m told.

The menu is a mix of bar friendly snacks, with everything from raw bar items, sliders, seafood, hanger steak, etc. Writing it now it seems like a covering-all-bases trendy mix, but it doesn’t come off weird on the printed menu.

I don’t know how a restaurant can recoup time and money invested in less than ninety days, and I presume any profit is minimal, so they really must be doing it simply for the fun, experience, and if I had to guess, a potential trial run for a restaurant down the road. I wish them luck.

Oh and my cocktail – the “Rolling Blackout” with Redemption Rye, Amaro, Cocchi Vermouth, and Orange Flower water – definitely hit the spot. The scallop crudo with fennel, lemon, orange, arugula, and dill was really well done, maybe a touch more acidic than it needed to be for such a pure scallop flavor. It’s not “cheap” at $10.95, though when ordering raw shellfish one must consider the alternative. I can’t think of anywhere else in Atlantic Station with these sort of options, providing a much needed respite from the corporatedouchery of the area.


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