Pork and Fish and Cheese and Sports

September 18, 2012 · 1 comment

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Just some photos from the last few weeks. I’ve been doing some cooking, eating, and generally speaking, having a grand time.

My friend Steve hot smoked salmon. The filet above I wrestled out of the sea with my bare hands, with nothing but animal instincts, brawn, and a highly paid fishing guide who baited my hook for me.

I love this preparation. It’s such a cool, pure salmon flavor. Not like the cured and cold-smoked Jewish deli version, which is good in its own right but a totally different product.

Steve’s other talent? Bringing 6 liters of 1989 Bruno Paillard Champagne to a party. Wine of the night.

Smoked meat of the night (besting a solid pork shoulder and brisket) was this 21# suckling pig I picked up from Caw Caw. It was superb. I’m curious to try the meat without any smoke (just an intense roast), but any worries of diluted flavor were quickly dismissed as a swarm of inebriates poked and penetrated this little guy in search of incredibly flavorful morsels of hidden pork-candy.

I used some leftovers to make a pasta, which was nice. Bucatini is the 1%er cousin of spaghetti. Pork fat instead of olive oil as the base.

I had a righteous sushi meal at Huku for my brothers birthday. Some Japanese snapper was really set of by an uni topping, but really, what isn’t?

I fried fish (halibut) and french fries (rinsed, fried 250 for 7, fried 400 for 2) for my in-laws, and made way too much. I like the batter style, where I used a mix of rice flour and AP, hoping for a lighter batter. It worked well, but I had to fry in batches and they weren’t crispy by the time we served everything. Truth be told this was based off a Tyler Florence recipe. I want to try something more like this method from No Recipes soon.

Sunday I went to a cheese tasting by Sweetgrass Dairy and Emily G’s Jam of Love at The Family Dog, where I enjoyed meeting some new people and sampling a mess of cheese. The cheese was free, the beer was not, and I love that Sweetgrass did it that way.

We got to learn a little about the company (lengthier history than I would have guessed), and of course discuss each cheese. The Asher Blue is my personal favorite. A more rare blue cheese, as it has a rind, I think it’s complex, earthy, but a balanced blue without excessive mold, and a pleasing dry texture. The hot pepper jam was my favorite accoutrements, not too sweet – very versatile.

I took a bunch of nice photos, and I was excited to see how they came out as the lighting as great. But I’m an idiot and left my camera on the back of my car while we were tailgating in the hood near Turner Field. While I was only a few feet away, I wasn’t paying attention and someone made off with my camera and both lenses. Sigh. I at least hope they scored some sweet smack. And overdosed.

It was a great weekend for sports though. Georgia Tech smacked UVA, who looked terrible. It was a beautiful day of tailgating.

And the Braves swept the Nationals, and I got a great view to watch Chipper and Co. give us some exciting Sunday night, playoff-like baseball.

I didn’t go for the trifecta and watch the Falcons pick apart Manning and Denver, but that’s a solid weekend for Atlanta. Summer and all its farmer market glory gets a lot of hype, but I forgot how much the fall rocks.

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