Eating on Vacation – Glacier National Park & Homer, Alaska

August 29, 2012 · 2 comments

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The trend of no Atlanta related posts continues, so here are photos from my trips to Glacier National Park and Homer, Alaska. But I should be able to whip up some content this weekend, with trips to Sushi Huku, the Speakeasy Cocktail festival, a fish fry, a suckling pig cook out, and a college football tailgate BBQ (go Jackets) all on the books. I may even sleep.

Did you know you can carry-on mini bottles to a plane? A legendary friend pointed this out to me. Each mini bottle is less than the 3.4 ounce limit, and you are allowed to use up to a quart sized Ziploc bag. TSA makes no mention of alcohol.

However, I asked the flight attendant for a cup of ice water, slammed the water, then poured a bottle of bourbon and began sipping – she told me that was not allowed. When I asked why, she said it was in the rules and pointed at Denzel (He was on the cover of Delta Magazine.) I didn’t take a look, but the best source of information I can find now is this section on Dangerous Goods which says you cannot exceed 140 proof. Anyone else have any info on this?

For now my thinking is, just don’t open it up in front of the flight attendant and you’re golden.

Killer old school delivery truck near Park Cafe in St Mary’s Montana.

Their pie is the breasts, and everyone knows it – this place does gangbusters business. A line all day, every day during the high season (July-August).

Flying into Anchorage – check the “rivers” of glaciers. Amazing.

Alaskan oysters. Amazing.

I caught this fish, 142# halibut. Yep. Amazing.

Just a few feet away from the docks it was processed and flash frozen. Fresher is frozen. 

A freezer full of halibut, salmon, and ling cod. It tastes. Amazing.

These were all phone pics. Real deal pics below. Amazing.

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  • joe

    their pie is breasts….what? Where is this again I think I should visit

  • martha

    That halibut is amazing.

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