Gu’s Bistro

July 5, 2012 · 1 comment

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Hit up Gu’s Bistro with some friends/wine jerks a few weeks ago. We used to do this at Tasty China, but I like Gu’s. The people are very nice, and the food can be just as good, though it is different. I really liked the eggplant, and the cumin lamb, and the fried shrimp were kick ass. The ma la gelatin noodles are crazy interesting. But I must say, I found the smoked duck, which we special ordered three orders of, was disappointing. It was so smoky it could have been anything, like pork. I want to taste duck.

The wines were fun, as always. Lots of riesling and other wines with residual sugar. I brought a few, including a 1971 Moulin Tochais, a forty year old Loire valley Chenin blanc which will basically last forever, and isn’t nuts expensive like some dessert wines. None of the wines were stunning, but it’s so much fun to try a bunch, especially with the fiery Sichuan food.

Gu’s stopped free corkage now that they have their liquor license, so it’s $10 a bottle, though we negotiated a deal for our party due to the excess. They certainly worked with us, and I’d be happy to go back.

Gu's Bistro

Gu's Bistro

Gu's Bistro

Gu's Bistro

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  • BK

    Oh man, I thought the Zind Humbrecht Clos Windsbuhl was pretty stunning, but I really dig their style. And, yeah, the duck was a bit of a letdown. Gu’s menu warrants lots of exploration.

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