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It’s only been a couple of weeks since my last gavage post, but I had a bunch of camera photos I figured I would share, to satisfy the masses while I work on some more lengthy and creative posts. Quick notes today.

Above – Community BBQ. Some hits and misses, but good overall. Short rib, sausage, stew were tops for me. Brisket and pork weren’t as impressive.

Below – Avocado, salmon, salmon skin roll at Sushi House Hayakawa.

Quail egg, uni, ikura, wrapped in tuna. A huge bite, but rockin’ flavors. Also at SHH.

“Pasta” (zucchini noodle) Florentine, with kale and corn, at Good Life Cafe in Columbia, which serves the best raw food I’ve found. Not that my list of raw food restaurants is lengthy.

Their spring rolls are superb – bright and crunchy.

Maybe two weeks ago I sampled a few dishes at The Spence, including this General Tso’s sweetbreads, which I did not enjoy. It had a burnt flavor and lacked any sort of crispness. Out of the few I tried, there wasn’t really a dish I loved, which is unfortunate.

I have a few shots from my recent trip to North Carolina (Raleigh post pending), including an obligatory stop at Biscuitville. In the zeitgeist of biscuits, it goes Biscuitville > Bojangles > Popeye’s > Chik Fil A.

Biscuitville has a little window off to the side of the order counter, where you can regularly watch a baker make the biscuits from scratch.

I had a fine lunch in Charlotte at a place called Pinky’s, a throw back diner sort of place, with some amazingly gluttonous food. I highly recommend the white trash burger, with provolone, fried pickles, onion rings, and ranch. It’s cheap, somewhat small, and surprisingly well executed.

The pimento waffle fries bring the heat too. Also served with ranch, you know, for good measure.

Lastly, this weekend I finally sampled a few of the crowd favorite food trucks over at the Atlanta Food Truck Park, including a couple items from The Mighty Meatball. I like buffalo sauce, so it’s hard to dislike the buffalo chicken slider, but the lamb/beef mix meatball was tough and under-seasoned.

I also sampled Champion Cheesesteaks, a franchise purchased from Roy Brostrand, who founded The Philly connection in the 80’s, and more recently Roy’s in Smyrna, which he sold in the last year. The Champion Cheesesteak isn’t massive, but it’s priced very well ($5-6.50 depending on toppings), with plenty of filler and very good bread. No complaints here, this cheese steak hit the spot.

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