Birfday Fun – Braves, Rathbun Steak, The Lawrence

April 19, 2012 · 2 comments

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Yesterday was my birthday, and when I wasn’t getting teary eyed over the scores of people who congratulated my 31st year on my Facebook timeline, I was watching the Braves game. To watch a game on my birthday has become somewhat of a tradition. The season has always just begun, the weather isn’t too hot, and I get to sit around and drink beer and eat junk food and high five strangers when grown men hit a ball over the fence, which happened many, many times yesterday, as we scored 14 runs in a shellacking of the Mets.

Unfortunately it was a bit rainy, but on the bright side, it made the usually sparse day game crowd even smaller, so we had our run of the place. We sat under the awning when it rained, and when it cleared up we sat four rows back on the first base line, close enough to see Chipper’s luxe facial hair.

Also near our section was Kevin Rathbun’s new steak sandwich stand. Here he is working the line. He said, “Hey Jimmy, snap a camera shot of me slicing steak and post it on your blog!”

Just kidding. I’m sure the impromptu photo shoot is annoying, but one will put up with a lot when there is a never ending line of people eager to pay $15 for your steak sandwich.

The sandwich certainly excels in comparison to most ball game grub. The fair portion of lovely medium-rare beef is nice and tender (not too chewy), served warm, on a pretty decent roll. It’s not amaze-nuts but it’s solid, and I’d get it again if I was in a nearby section. It’s not cheap, but if you’re inside the stadium you’ve already committed to making illogical spending decisions.

After the game we had a beer and wings at Cypress St. They were both excellent. Then we walked over to The Larry to see how that looked. They have a few classic drinks, including this Corpse Reviver #2, but some signature drinks should be coming soon.

I don’t know head bartender (mixologist, if you like) Eric Simpkins, but I know he has a reputation for making some darn fine cocktails. I couldn’t help but notice the watchful eye he kept over the other bartenders as they made drinks. As one guy put the finishing touches on a Pisco Sour I heard Eric quietly ask him, “Did you taste it? Always taste it.”

I love seeing people care so much about their craft.

We tried a few bar snacks, which were led by a complimentary amuse – a corn chowder with ginger, though Katie’s had the special addition of part of a rubber band. It was probably a half ounce of soup – one must be fairly zoned out to somehow miss a rubber band floating in the serving dish. This stuff happens, and it did, ahemamuse us.

The thin fried pig ears are a fine salty snack, with a nice lingering hit of five spice. Inexpensive too, just a few bucks.

But the potted shrimp were the heat. Lots of tasty shrimp in a spicy, rich broth, which probably had loads of oil, but I couldn’t stop myself from sopping it all up with the nice bread. Definitely order this one.

I’ll certainly be back, especially once the cocktail program is flushed out.

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  • Mrs. EatitAtlanta

    And Ecco!  Don’t forget truffles and icecream at Ecco!

  • Melissa Bayliss

    Nice!  I went to the Braves game on Monday night for a friends birthday — glad to know about the steak sandwich – looked good!!  Happy Birthday.  

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