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While picking up some more coffee and having a great teeth-chattering afternoon espresso at Octane Westside, I noticed that just across the street, Świt Bakery and Cafe in Brickworks had opened. Once I suppressed the naseau from paying $34 for a pound of coffee, I walked across the street and checked it out.

It’s the bright space you’d expect of a breakfast and lunch oriented Westside spot, with a comfortable bunch of couches and chairs surrounding their cozy fireplace, which is just a few months too late.

In the shadow of the well stocked and delicious looking daily bread tower sat a display case of desirable looking croissants, pastries, tarts, and many other items I quickly tried to forget as I recover from the gluttony of this past weekend. I ended up sampling an uncomplicated but well done sandwich with gruyere, a first-rate salami, and an over easy egg. The bread is splendid. Chewy and substantial, with a softness which can only be hours old.

A sign in the window indicates they are looking for a barista. Though Octane has a firm grip on coffee on that side of town, and serves fairly good sandwiches as well, Świt has a much different feel and could easily do well, particularly with the brunch and office lunch crowd. Prices are a bit high for every day snacking. My sandwich was $7.50, though many venture into the $10-11 range, no sides included.

I did take a picture, but I ordered my sandwich to-go and it didn’t photo very well, and I won’t subject them to the terrible candid-blogger-shot fate of my take-away brunch at urban pl8 from years ago.

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