Victory Sandwich Bar

December 6, 2011 · 6 comments

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Victory Sandwich Bar. I took photos, you can view them.

“What’s that sign say?”

“No bare feet!”

“What’s that sign say?”

“No fighting.”

Quotes from Caddyshack. If you didn’t get it, you’re fired.


Creamy ricotta dunked in olive oil.


“Beast on yeast”, pot roast sandwich. Excellent!


Chorizo/queso fresco (I forget the cute name). Not a bad selection, but a touch too greasy.


Vegetarian sandwich. The bread was perfect, but the red pepper spread was not for me.


Castro (Cuban – a fine choice) on the far left, Lamborghini on the bottom (pressed Italian with pesto, my favorite), and cold ramen noodles on the right (pass, go for more sandwiches instead).


Show me potato salad!


Not sure what this was. It wasn’t mine. The waiter dropped it down, I took photos, then he realized he had delivered someone else’s order and took it away. Looks good though!


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  • Han Cholo aka the sandwich you forgot my friend … please partake in their Jack & Coke slushi ASAP … #ThatIsAll

  • Katie Rob

    Mmmm I ate here with Foodie Buddha and it was SO yum. The Jack and Coke slushi is necessary. 

  • Caleb

    the last sandwich is the Mile High Club….our in house smoked turkey, ham, avacado, dijon mustard, and yes….bacon and then pressed on the panini press.

  • Thanks for the clarification Caleb. 

  • Goa doodle

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  • Anonymous

    Nice! Happened to me a few times too; received someone else’s order by accident but got to try something new.

    Atlanta Honda

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