Spotted Trotter (Sous Vide)

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"sous vide"

I purchased some Spotted Trotter sausage a couple of weeks ago, on the last day of this year’s season at the Grant Park farmer’s market. I went with their brandy rabbit boudin, a deeply aromatic mix of herbs, pork, and of course, brandy and cute wittle local wabbits. The smell of both the raw and cooked sausage was so distinctive, I was actually a bit concerned that perhaps I purchased a package that had taken a turn to stank-town. So I picked up the phone and called Spotted Trotter to ask if the smell was normal (it is). Trying doing that with yer Jimmy Dean!

The first sausage I cooked straight up on my cast iron, over medium high heat as I wanted a nice sear on it. The problem was, it took forever to cook through and the exterior quickly went from a beautiful golden hue to a bitter char. If I were cooking on a grill I’d likely go with a two zone fire to handle this problem.

I decided it was easier if I cooked it sous vide. I brought a pot of water up to 150F, took it off the heat, and dropped my zip loc bag in for a swim, where it stayed for about twenty minutes. I removed it from the bag, seared, and voila. Perfectly cooked.

This is a very imprecise method of sous vide, but sausage is quite forgiving. If I went over a few degrees, or if the bath had hot spots due to the lack of circulation, it’s not really going to make a noticeable impact on my final product, as it might if we’re talking about a NY strip roast, where the difference between rare and medium is huge (to me).

Another benefit – I didn’t have to spend nearly as much time preparing my lunch. Once I put the sausage in the water bath, I went back to my home office desk and knocked some work out. Very convenient.

"sous vide"

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