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October 11, 2011 · 1 comment

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Once again, I’m introduced to some great Chinese food by the lovely, and generous Chloe. I’d be lost in Duluth without her; I’m still very inexperienced when it comes to Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese food. I’m comfortable in my knowledge of Sichuan, and I’ve had my fair share of soon dubu, but we’re talking about large countries with storied histories and regional differences.

To point, I had no idea rice noodle dumplings called Chang Fen even existed. But they, dear sir, are the proverbial jam. Jimmy jam, even. Take a look-see below. There are various fillings offered at EERecipe Rice Crepes House, an assortment of sausage, vegetables, and other forms of pork, served with pungent and salty shrimp paste, of which you will want a small dab with each bite. An order is less than $4.

Also pictured is a porridge, pretty much congee, which is fine, though bland to my tastes, especially when compared to the delightfully light dumpling flavor bombs.

But the chicken soup, oh, the chicken soup! Chloe was almost woeful in her admittance, “This might be better than my mom’s”. Deeply aromatic and enticing from the fried garlic, the broth is rich with fat in a way that us Westerners tend to avoid (scoop that layer off your stock, no sir!). Buried in the broth are even more rice “crepes” for your slurping pleasure, and some processed fish balls, which I don’t understand, though I’m told it’s a texture thing. (Many Asian cultures appreciate chewy and slippery texture as much as flavor, exhibit A, chicken feet at dim sum).

Prefer crispy over steamed? Here’s another form of dumpling, pleasantly perfumed pork with Chinese five spice, wrapped in tofu skin and fried. Dang.

Because we’re gluttonous gorging gourmands (god, I’m killing the alliteration today!), we also tried the super crunchy fried chicken with amazing coconut incensed rice, the latter being almost dessert like to me.

And because we apparently needed some calories in the form of carbs and sugar, Chloe brought Katie some Dutch Monkey doughnuts. And bagels for me! Thanks Chloe!

But yeah, EeRecipe is highly recommend. Really good, and really well priced. It may not show in that picture, but the chicken soup is huge, easily enough to be a whole meal for one, and costs less than $6. On a day which I was not feeling 100%, it was just what I needed.

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    You know’s who mom makes a killer chicken noodle soup?  Ted’s mom!

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