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So I had my photos uploaded, slapped the image code into my WordPress draft, and was going to write a few sentences about each photo, then Kessler comes along and makes Sufi’s his restaurant review of the week. Go check it out. I think John is an excellent and entertaining writer. It’s tough to write a comprehensive review in a thousand words, conveying full experiences. So maybe this post is pointless, or just my way of saying “I agree” to John’s post, and you should go check this restaurant out.

Anyways, last time I went to Sufi’s I was in the back and it’s dim in there, so my photos aren’t great. My friend thought the butter on the starter plate was cheese, so he popped a huge piece into his mouth. His reaction and subsequent spitting of the butter back onto the plate was funny. And gross.


We started with the Mirza Ghasemi, roasted eggplant pureed with tomatoes. Served with bread, I thought the texture and flavor was fantastic. A good starter to share.


I had the salmon kebab (above), my buddy got the lamb (below). Just the right amount of char on the top of mine, but what you can’t see is the bottom of the salmon was completely burnt. I was able to sort of peel off the bottom layer, then the salmon was perfect. They were very accommodating to our side dish substitutions (I was doing no carbs, so didn’t want rice) and I got a side of the Shirazi salad, which reminded me of Lebanese fattoush. My friend had the cold Ash Joe – a puree of lentils, barley, and red beans with some herbs and walnuts.


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