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A few weeks ago I finally tried Umaido, the Korean owned ramen shop all the way up in Suwanee (in the same strip mall as H-Mart). I was on the way back from Greenville, which is pretty much the only reason I’d end up in Suwanee for food. I know there’s a lot of Korean food to be had up there, but it’s pretty damn far from the Westside. I know the lovely Chloe is willing to drive far and wide for good eats, and I was glad she could join me that afternoon.

I really don’t have much to add beyond what Gene and Sean have said, so I’ll keep it to the major points.

  • I got the spicy (level 3) ramen. It was spicy enough to make me sweat a little.
  • While I like spicy food, it makes it too spicy to fairly judge the broth. I tried Chloe’s, but my taste buds were shot
  • The pork is really good, though I think it could be even fattier like at Haru Ichiban
  • Love the egg, it’s creamy and delicious. I could even go for a softer boiled egg though. I had a sous vide egg in ramen once and it was awesome.
  • The noodles are very different, they have a flat wheat-like texture. I can’t say I like them as much as traditional alkaline noodles, they lack the chewiness I prefer, but they are still good.
  • Per usual with ramen, it’s a huge portion of soup and a good value.
  • I also had gyoza. Nothing crazy notable, but why can’t I ever get a perfect sear like this?

I’ll definitely be back. They have more variety than any other ramen shop in this part of the world, they use good ingredients, and they take pride in presentation.


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  • Chloe

    Is that all we ate? Oh wait… you forgot the naked Onigiri with chashu inside. That was good!

  • Those gyozas look incredible. I haven’t found a really good ramen shop around NC yet.

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