Quick Bites: Pizza and Pork

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Just a few bites from here and there. Lately my favorite pizza at Varasano’s is the nucci. I’m usually not a big olive fan (what?) but I love them on this pizza. It’s just the right amount of salty to go with the awesome bread and spicy arugula.


On my last visit to Heirloom BBQ, there was a line out the door, so we took it to go and I made up a plate at my friend Matt’s house down the street. When I picked up the St. Louis style rib, the bone ripped through. The Texas sampler included ribs, brisket, and a Texas beef sausage (you can choose other sausages). A good portion of the brisket was so fatty I felt guilty looking at it, but the bites that were about 50/50 were mind bogglingly great. The fat isn’t chewy; you can use your tongue to press it against the roof of your mouth and it seems to disintegrate, probably directly into the love handle area. The pork heavy collards and thinly sliced Korean sweet potato sides were also notable.

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shoulder butt steak

Emile at Caw Caw Creek recommended I try this “shouler butt steak”, also known as a blade steak. I’ve actually had this cut on my to-find list since I read about a dish at the Purple Pig a few months ago. I quick brined it, seasoned it, seared on both sides on high heat, then dusted it with smoked paprika and a drizzle of honey. Shut your face good. This cut goes on the regular rotation.

shoulder butt steak

Finally, this torta cubana from Rivera’s Foods in West Columbia is out of control. A few Mexican cheeses, country ham, regular ham, hot dog, chorizo, pineapple, milanesa, tomato, jalapeno, avocado…it was somewhat obscene. The first half was fantastic. My attempt at the second half just made me feel bad about myself.

torta cubano

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