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December 31, 2010 · 10 comments

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Continuing on with my favorite snapshots of 2010… yesterday was dining out, today is home cooking. Not necessarily my cooking, but any meal I consumed in someone’s home. This year was the first time that I’ve taken on larger scale cooking projects with friends and family, and I found that I really enjoy that. Not only is it social, but I learn from the other person(s), and we can tackle more time consuming and complicated dishes.

Some of these dishes below are more complex than others, but they all represent something that I found to be delicious, interesting, a challenge, or maybe it was simple but it was something I had never done before, as was the case with my first from-scratch pie and the timpano. Others, such as the salad with lightly sauteed spring onions and cherry tomatoes, might not seem like anything special, but I distinctly recall the sharp bitterness of the Peachtree Rd Farmer’s Market dandelion greens, cooled by the homemade buttermilk dressing. Also, I realize the hot dogs aren’t really “cooking”, but damn they were good, they deserve a shout out.

Also, thanks to everyone for the comments on yesterday’s post, I appreciate the encouragement.

1. Beef Wellington, 2. timpano, 3. pine st hot dogs, 4. berry pie, 5. rowdy’s hot chicken, 6. Le Bernardin chocolate tart by Biskuit, 7. Le Bernardin wagyu beef and escolor by Biskuit, 8. flannery filet tip, 9. French Laundry tomato tartar, 10. French Laundry lobster crepes, 11. creamy gazpacho with cucumber granita, 12. Sichuan Chicken (my attempt), 13. PRFM salad, 14. momofuku confit wings

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  • Sarah

    The food looks so professional that it doesn’t look like home cooking. Good job in 2010 and I look forward to posts in 2011. I heard you ran into my Dad this week – let me know if you end up choosing that location for your reception. We had ours there and it was wonderful; I may be able to pass along some information.

  • Chloe

    Your my inspiration. One day, Jimmy, one day. :)

  • Dennis

    Nice work Jimmy. Great pics.
    Glad to have been present to share some of those dishes with you and the gang. More to come in 2011.

  • Cindy

    Looking forward to more food adventures in the kitchen with you! Determined to pick one cookbook and plow through every recipe…. hmmmm….. just need to decide which one! How about Paula Deen? :>)

  • I say the same thing about your Buhi/Duluth dining knowledge Chloe

  • For sure Dennis, can’t wait. Hope to be able to contribute even more in ’11.

  • We’ve been pretty successful in the kitchen this year…you and I could tackle a lot Mom!

  • Lorenzo

    Who did the Beef Wellington? Over a pate appetizer at Christmas, my wife was waxing nostalgic for this dish and wants to attempt one. She is in search of a tried-and-true recipe.

  • I assisted my mom with the Beef Wellington; she used a recipe from Fine Cooking magazine.

    The beef stock and pate are made from scratch, and the wellington uses crepes as a “liner” to help keep the pastry crisp. I highly recommend it.


  • Lorenzo


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