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December 30, 2010 · 14 comments

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Yep, I do year end summary posts just like everyone else! It’s a lot of fun to look back at photos and think about the year that has passed by so quickly. It’s been a great year for me. I took on another job at work, learning how to manage an accounting office on the fly. I trained for and completed a marathon and multiple triathlons, including my first Ironman. I traveled extensively, and oh, I got engaged…to a vegetarian!

It’s been a banner year for food too. I’ve met and developed friendships with even more people, many of whom I met through my food blogging. I ate my way across numerous cities. I finally started taking not-as-crappy photographs due to a new camera. I tried new dishes and ingredients, I learned a hell of a lot more about which wines I have the taste for (expensive, apparently), and I spent many weekends toiling away in the kitchen, blasting music and enjoying every second of what should be boring prep work.

I’ve spent many hours wondering if I should continue writing a blog. It feels very self serving, and sometimes pointless. I don’t think I have much to offer readers. There are better blogs for news, restaurant “finds”, cooking, and photography. I don’t have the most experience or the most tried and true palate. But I always come back to the fact that I started writing because I wanted to learn, not because I already know everything. Now more than ever, I realize how inexperienced I am and am aware of my areas of weakness on this never ending food journey. But looking back at my photos, I’m visually reminded of how much I have absorbed, opinions I’ve strengthened, tastes I’ve developed, and friendships I’ve fortified. I can’t wait for 2011.

With that, here’s a collage of some of my favorite dining out moments of 2011, at least those I captured with a camera. Many are not in Atlanta. All were awesome.

Individual links below, you can also click the picture above to view the Flickr Set.

1. Arco Iris Steak, 2. Hite’s BBQ, 3. Redd – BBQ Buns, 4. Ribs – Sweet Racks, 5. Sotto Sotto Gnudi, 6. Dan Moo Ji Fried Rice, 7. Dynamic Dish (RIP), 8. Super Pan, 9. Muss & Turner’s, 10. Miller-Union’s Chicken, 11. MF Sushi – tempura uni, 12. MF Sushi – belly, 13. MF Sushi – tuna & avocado, 14. MF Sushi – octopus, 15. Empire State South, 16. Tasty China tofu skins, 17. Baan Sawan – malawi catfish, 18. Varasano’s, 19. Tierra’s dulce de leche, 20. M-U Burger, 21. M-U feta snack, 22. Lunacy Black Market beans, 23. Lunacy Black Market salad, 24. Venice beach burger, 25. Repast chocolate terrine (RIP), 26. Dynamic Dish (deserves another mention), 27. Restaurant Eugene Shigoku oysters, 28. Stanley – New Orleans, 29. the meatball shop (dessert), 30. the meatball shop, 31. Per Se agnolotti, 32. Le Bernardin monkfish, 33. Baan Sawan tod mun, 34. Fox Brothers short rib, 35. H&F hot dog, 36. Montaluce/ Le Vigne – chicken thigh terrine

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  • Great photos, as always. I’ve talked with a few friends lately about whether having a blog is egotistical or unnecessary.. I’ve blogged for a few years now and really enjoy it, even if I don’t have many readers. Your blog is great though, definitely keep up with it. (And I read it regularly even though I’m a vegetarian, as well. That veggie burger with beef fat or whatever made me cringe!) : ]

  • you’re such an egomaniac, what with a blog and all. Nice collage. I also went to collage, as evidenced by my speling.

  • andblan

    Thanks for sharing, Jimmy. Looking forward to more reviews/pics in 2011. As far as burgers, I’m loving Bocado’s at the moment.

  • Sean P.

    Man Jimmy – you were feasting like a king in 2010! Can’t wait to see what 2011 holds for ya.

    Happy New Year!

  • Katy Mallory

    Don’t stop! Love your blog (your cooking adventures and restaurant reviews).

    Avid reader (and randomly friend of Brandon Tai’s), Katy Mallory

  • Ken

    For my money yours is the best food blog around. Thanks and please keep it up.

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  • Thomas

    Please don’t drop your blog. It’s an obvious labor of love.Your articles help me discover without feeling lectured. Make 2011 another great year.

  • Brad

    Jimmy, You had better not stop blogging! I will hunt you down and make you post more if needed. Thanks for the year in review posts as it is fun to look back at all the food, wine and fun that you had over the past year. May 2011 be just as amazing for you and lead to more well written posts. See you soon.

  • haha, yeah that burger must be an atrocity to true vegetarians! Thanks Tamara

  • Bocado has been a favorite of mine, I def need to go there more often

  • Thanks Sean – you too man!

  • Thanks Brad, we need to get together at Baan Sawan, sorry I had to bail last time! It was CRAZY crowded that night though. Would have been tough to even converse.

  • Katie, Ken, Thomas – thanks, i appreciate that!

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