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It’s been a while since I’ve been to Spoon. It seems every time I want to visit, it happens to be Sunday, and they weren’t open. On my visit this past Friday I saw signage that says they are now open on Sunday evenings. So, there’s that.

I’ve come down with a cold, and thought a bowl of tom yum gai and some spicy curry would be the perfect complement to the chilly temps and my congested sinuses. It hit the spot. I love spooning the sauce over my rice, and it saves me from embarrassing myself by drinking the last remnants of the curry directly from its bowl.

I’d rate the meal as above average, though it was pretty much your standard tom yum soup and red curry. The vegetables in the curry weren’t soggy, a problem I see occasionally. Prices on the lunch menu were fair. It was super crowded for Friday lunch, but service handled it fairly well.

I’d like to try some of their more differentiating dinner entrees, though the prices of the dinner specials listed on the blackboard were between $25-30, definitely not a drop in the bucket, probably only bested by Naan for priciest Thai food in Atlanta.

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