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November 17, 2010 · 3 comments

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sweet racks

I was in Florida two weekends ago for the triathlon I’ve mentioned on here from time to time, and was on a mission to find something tasty that wouldn’t be bad for me, i.e. no fried foods. In PCB, that’s a challenge. Luckily I stumbled upon Sweet Racks BBQ.

While BBQ isn’t really the ideal pre-race meal, I figured they may have some smoked chicken I could eat guilt-free. The special of the day ended up being adobo chicken with rice – score! A slow simmered chicken, the adobo didn’t use too many spices (a good thing for my current need) and the huge portion was really tender and good, especially the dark meat. I ordered a side of collards, which had undergone a gentle preparation which reminded me of the soon to be lost (heartbroken) Dynamic Dish.

sweet racks

The chef/owner, a former cop from Chicago, opened Sweet Racks with his Filipino wife after moving to PCB about a year and a half ago. He was the sort of guy that wouldn’t take no for an answer when I told him I couldn’t eat any pork. He brought out a sweet rib in Tocino BBQ sauce, as well as a small portion of the pulled pork. They were both wonderful. The large, tender smoked rib, with wonderful bark, worked really well with the sweet, sticky, smoky, and spicy BBQ sauce.

Unlike the ribs, the pulled pork had no sauce. It was simply served in a small cup with the natural jus, as I was told there’s no reason to hide the flavor of pork as beautiful as this. I wasn’t one to argue. I was probably visibly upset when I was told they wouldn’t be open on Sunday, as I thought I had found my post-race feast.

sweet racks

The owner eagerly showed me his operation after I asked him a few questions. I learned where the smoky flavor came from in the BBQ sauce when I saw the ribs disintegrating in the simmering sauce, which he makes every day. Awesome.

sweet racks

Some of their specials include pancit, as well as lumpia – Filipino dumplings which he offers whenever the old Filipino ladies have time to come in and roll a few hundred for the hungry soldiers at the nearby Naval base.

A really special BBQ joint with a lot of soul, I loved it.

sweet racks

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  • Malika

    So glad to hear about this! My future in-laws live in PCB, so we make regular trips down there and always looking for something decent to try other than fried seafood. Thanks Jimmy!

  • Katy Mallory

    My in-laws live in PCB and I rarely feel like there’s anywhere interesting to go eat there u2014 thanks, Jimmy! nnKaty at…nA Life Fulfilled: Atlantanwww.lifefulfilledatlanta.blogpspot.com

  • Mbowden19

    Sounds damn good….

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