Sotto Sotto

November 2, 2010 · 5 comments

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Sotto Sotto

I recently took a page from Kessler’s book and visited Sotto Sotto and ordered a few appetizer sized pasta dishes. It’s a good deal. We ordered two salads (if you consider my bresaola above a salad), three pastas, sparkling water, and three generous pours of wine, which totaled to roughly a $100. Considering a few of the entrees are in the $30-$35 range, it’s a relative value. Sneak in a flask, and you’re sitting pretty at $60.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the mushroom risotto. The mushrooms weren’t as varied or seasonal as I had hoped, and the truffle oil overpowered the mushrooms anyways.

Sotto Sotto

The gnudi, on the other hand, were awesome. Soaked in butter, the exterior did just enough work to contain the lush spinach. They sit heavy, so the $10 half order is plenty.

Sotto Sotto

The cappellacci (“Pope’s hat”) pasta in sage brown butter sauce filled with butternut squash is a seasonal layup, but is well executed and was also quickly attacked.

Pasta is so satisfying to me, and for $10-$12 a half order, I’m not sure I’ll visit Sotto Sotto any other way. Thanks again to JK for the tip.

Sotto Sotto

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  • sean m

    shit it seems like everyone is eating here recently. celebrities, critics, etc. I’ve been meaning to go back for months now – thanks for the prod. that said, I’m gonna eat bbq today. heirloom market here I come.

  • Ken

    I love this restaurant so very much, but have to agree with your comments regarding the mushroom risotto. Oddly enough, their mushroom tagliatelle, a dish very similar to the mushroom risotto, is spectacularly good. And if you haven’t had the Risotto Mantecato, it’s worth the trip back pronto.

  • Sally

    How did your Ironman go? I see you lived through it.

  • Hey Sally, it’s this upcoming Saturday. Thanks for asking!

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