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Last week was my first visit to Woody’s, even though one year during college I lived less than a mile away. I tried to visit numerous times, but they were often closed, or when I would see them open, I wouldn’t have cash, which is all they accept.

Now under new ownership, the hours have expanded greatly, so a visit to Woody’s is much easier to schedule. Cash is still required though. When I was heading to Ansley to spend my somewhat hard earned dollars on grape juice and remembered Woody’s was nearby, I decided to see what all the hubbub was about.

The place only had a few diners and no line, so I was able to promptly place my sweaty money down and order. Cheese steak with whiz. I was quickly told that whiz was not recommended. So I acquiesced.

Despite the brutal heat, the covered porch wasn’t too hot, so I sat outside. I noticed a young couple drinking some beer on the patio, which looked like a fabulous idea, but when I went back inside to make my frosty lager purchase, I was told those smart folks had brought them from home. Woody’s is trying to get a license to serve, but the school across the street is giving them gruff.

Around the end of that conversation my cheesesteak was ready. It sure did look good, no?

It’s doesn’t please me to report that I was disappointed. While not altogether unpleasant, I had higher expectations. The chopped beef was very unsavory, fairly bland. No salt, no greasy beef flavor. That fact, coupled with the quickness with which my order was prepared, makes me wonder if I got an older batch of ribeye that had been hanging out for a while on the griddle. Not quite as offensive, but notable, the bread was slightly stale and a little dense.

I’ll give it another try, because it wasn’t offensive or anything like that, but my future expectations have been slightly adjusted from major cheesesteak destination, to potential lunchspot when I’m in the area.

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  • Andrew

    My last experience was similar.
    They’ve never had the best cheese-steak ever, but they were never so bland.
    The service was painfully slow at times under the old management, but it’s starting to look like I’d trade that for a good sandwich.

    My two visits since the new owners took over have been sub-standard.
    They have one more shot.

  • Grovel!!! When I first returned to Woody’s after the ownership change, things were very similar to the old woody’s. As andrew said, never the best ever … but it was a solid steak. However, since that visit, I’ve heard from several people that makes me want to think that your experience wasn’t an anomaly. Bummer :-(

  • Jon

    Worth biting the bullet for the trek up to Smyrna for a steak at Roy’s Cheesesteaks. They go down faster than one of those mini size servings of apple sauce.

  • Nick

    Ate there a few times in college. Get the whiz. I liked it.

  • Lorenzo

    Atlanta is not a sandwich town and that’s all there is to it–we just don’t have the bakeries or the kind of history that cities famous for their sandwiches do. I admire the upstart gourmet sandwich efforts and of course the BuHi banh mi, but those are the exceptions.

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