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July 14, 2010 · 4 comments

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I had breakfast at The Social House the other day while my car was getting worked on at Gordy Tire (highly recommended). It was my second visit for breakfast here. The first wasn’t very memorable, not awful, but just not good I enough that I desired to return.

This second visit was another matter.

I ordered the mother daughter reunion eggs “benny” (fried chicken, eggs, get it?) Right off the get-go, the two eggs were very unappealing looking and one egg yolk had already been punctured. The potatoes tasted reheated and the chicken had a strange day-old texture, such that I couldn’t bring my self to eat any of the bite sized pieces after the initial taste. The accompanying hash brown cake was mushy and bland. It all tasted a bit….sad.

The coffee was good and strong!

I don’t usually use this site as a platform for negative posts, but in this case, I really can’t recommend going here if other options are readily available.

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  • I think you owe it to your readers to warn them of sub par eateries. Just the picture of this meal told me all I need to know. Did you send it back? I would have. The punctured yolk should NEVER have left the kitchen.

  • I agree, you should warn people away from sub-par eating experiences. I have eaten there twice, and both times my eggs benedict were overcooked badly. Not worth going here when there is West Egg (or even Waffle House) right around the corner.

  • Ugh, this place earned one of the only negative posts on my blog too. I also visited twice–the first time had terrible service and both times sub-par food. I continue to warn people away from here.

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