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June 10, 2010 · 3 comments

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*sorry for crappy iphone pics*

I had a stellar dinner at the bar at Cakes & Ale last night. The restaurant was full, and I could have waited less than thirty minutes for a table, but I’m still on a bar dining kick. This was my third visit to C&A, but it was the first time I was really able to dig into the wine list, which is above average. The options are all over the globe (almost too varied, unfocused), with well-priced selections. Miller-Union may be the most interesting wine list I’ve seen recently, but Cakes & Ale has them beat in one area – wine by the carafe.

Roughly half the wines are available by the glass or by carafe, which is equal to three large glasses of wine. The price is slightly above the cost of two glasses of wine. If a glass is $9, the carafe will probably be between $20-22. I ordered a carafe of delicious Sancerre for $24. The bottle retails for $20-$26.

We ordered two appetizers and one main – plenty for two people. The salad of thin sliced zucchini, fennel, radish, onion, and goat cheese toast was mouthwateringly good; perfectly dressed vegetables, at just the right temperature, contrasted well with the slightly salty cheese.

We also had the gnocchi with small tomatoes app – the gnocchi were the best I’ve had in recent memory, expertly toeing the line between firm and mushy. Warm cross sections of cherry and small heirloom tomatoes were my long-due reintroduction to summer. Smoky mozzarella and aromas of pesto tied it all together, like a nice rug.

The main of fregola with roasted vegetables and mint-lime yogurt was surprisingly good. A hodgepodge of pasta similar to Israeli cous cous, charred lemon, tomato, oyster mushrooms, the craziest tender but snappy firm turnips, creamy yogurt, and seemingly just plucked from the garden micro-greens will bring any veggie lover to their knees.

Sounds like I loved this dinner, no?

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  • biskuit

    Nice post, yeah, we also ate there recently (having many of the same dishes) and it was totally spot on excellent. My third time there in the past year and easily the best visit, maybe even my best meal of the year in ATL so far.

  • MJ

    You didn’t have dessert?! Shame.

  • Jimmy

    I didn’t take a picture of the phatty cake!

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