Bon Appetit: Deep-Fried Egg with Sriracha Remoulade

March 6, 2010 · 6 comments

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Bon Appétit Series Background Recap: I was tired of reading the magazine each month, saying, “Oh that looks great, I’ll make that”, then the magazine ends up in the cupboard or trash, never to been seen again. Never more! Now I’m holding myself publicly accountable; each month I will cook at least one recipe from Bon Appétit and post it on here.


As soon as I saw the recipe for this month’s post, I ear marked the page and knew this would be the recipe I’d make. I’ve been wanting to deep fry an egg for a while, well, because I love deep frying, and I love eggs. Double bonus that this recipe comes from Jeremy Fox, chef at Ubuntu.

I started by soft boiling the egg in lightly simmering water.  Like a dumbass I didn’t gently lower the egg into the water, I dropped it in there, and it cracked when it hit the bottom. Instead of cooking another egg I just let it go, curious if it would still work. The egg spilled out of the shell slightly, but cooked instantly and created a seal in the opening. After plunging in the ice bath, I peeled the egg, and though the egg is shaped funny in the bottom, it all worked out.


For the bed I quickly sautéed some kale and turnip greens.


Then breaded the egg in the panko/flour mixture. Instead of semolina, I used Korean potato starch.


The egg didn’t get quite the exterior that is shown in the recipe photo, so perhaps using the exact instructions will provide that more even and rich coating.


The remoulade was easy and tasty. I didn’t have mayonnaise so I quickly made my own using a method I found online last year. Crack one egg in a tall, plastic measuring cup, add 1 Tbsp of cider vinegar (lemon juice is often used, but I didn’t have any – any acid will do), 1 tsp of Dijon mustard, and a pinch of salt. Then stand up a hand held immersion blender in the cup and pour in 200mL of olive oil. Mix until it’s whipped into mayonnaise. Easy.

Note – I didn’t add cornichons, tarragon, or hard boiled eggs to my remoulade because I didn’t have some of that stuff and it seemed a bit tedious for a sauce that tasted great without them. Though, this recipe comes from a restaurant, and that’s one great thing about restaurants – they take the time to do things I’m too lazy/busy to do.

How did it taste? Fantastic. Deep fried eggs, with a creamy yolky center, spiced up with sriracha…that one is quickly being added to the super easy yet cool repertoire.


Thanks to my brother Thomas for the chopstick/plate/spoon set seen in these photos.

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  • Jimmy-This sounds awesome. Just had a revelation-never thought about a deep-fried egg before.
    Duh–like–where have I been?
    I want one now!
    Nice work.

  • Jimmy

    Thanks Dennis. I hadn’t thought of it until recently, when I read about deep frying poached eggs with a light dusting of seasoned flour on the exterior. Actually, I may have read that in the Momofuku cookbook, which I know you now have.

  • Joe

    I hate that I don’t like eggs. I feel so shameful admitting that (as a “food” person). Not even deep-fried.

  • alli

    any idea where i can buy Sriracha in the kennesaw, GA area??

  • Alli –

    An international market is your best bet.

    I just googled it and found some options:

    Dong Bang Oriental Grocery (380 White Ave marietta)
    Hoang Long International Food Market (marietta)

    Good luck,


  • Lorenk

    Jimmy, love your blog. This one has definitely caught my eye.

    As for Sriracha, almost all grocery stores have it. I live in Alpharetta and have seen it at Publix. And of course any Asian grocery store (like H-Mart) will have it. It’s the Thai condiment du jour.

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