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January 19, 2010 · 6 comments

in atlanta


I’ve discussed my snobby relationship with sushi. If it ain’t good, I don’t want to even be around it. Want to hear a really gross string of words? “All you can eat sushi buffet” (shudder)

One of the first times I had decent sushi was when I was a Georgia Tech co-op at Internet Security Systems (2000-2004). Almost weekly we would visit Circle Sushi. As a 19 year old intern, intimidation by my older and wiser peers was common, but even more so when we went out for sushi. How did I admit that sashimi and nigiri kind of freaked me out? Why didn’t the sushi plate A and sushi plate B list which fish were going to be served? Why wasn’t the chef screaming about saki bombs? Why didn’t I know it was acceptable to eat sushi with my fingers and try to pretend I was good with chopsticks?

To play it safe I generally went with the bento box, a combination of a few pieces of tame nigiri like hamachi or tuna, a California roll, cooked teriyaki chicken or salmon, and rice. Lunch is also served with miso soup or salad, but we always asked for both. I still believe that Circle has the best ginger dressing I’ve had, and they never douse it with too much.


These days I’m a little more adventurous, and I have almost ten more years of palate experience, so gone is the days of the bento box and California rolls.

We started with the agedashi; lightly fried tofu in soy sauce. It was good enough, though the coating could have been slightly more even in places.


We also tried the baby octopus in sweet chili sauce. Similar to the tofu, it wasn’t outstanding, but it was worth a try, and the portion was fairly large. 


I had never tried the chirashi, which is extremely popular at Circle. The entire eight person Japanese family next to me all ordered this too. The bowl is filled with rice and topped with tons of tuna, roe, salmon, tamago (egg), tofu, and other fish I don’t know (sorry).


My friend got one of the sashimi selections, which ended up being the largest pieces of sashimi I’ve ever seen. That is one thing about Circle, they never skimp on fish, the portions are very adequate. Really, I don’t like sashimi this large, I like to easily eat a piece in one bite without having to chew it forever. Luckily, the quality of the fish is above average at Circle. The fish selection isn’t very large compared to some top tier sushi restaurants, but what they do, they do well, and with very fair prices.

Particularly if you are north of Atlanta, Circle is definitely worth a visit.

Circle is in a strip mall next to a burger place, with limited signage, so keep that in mind when trying to find it.


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  • Sarah

    Great pictures…I want some sushi! This is a frequent destination for Ben and me, so I’m glad to know that you like it too – makes me feel like I have some discretion.

  • Joe

    Have never been (I think it’s sort of near my neck of the woods), but it was recommended by a Japanese friend…unfortunately, sushi’s been a rare (nonexistent) treat what with the wife all pregnant and not able to eat raw stuff.

  • Given how you used to refuse to go within 50 feet of the seafood department in the grocery store I never cease to be amazed that you now are a sushi aficionado! You are living proof that peoples tastes change over time.

  • This is in the same strip mall area as Aladdin’s Mediterranean Grill and Deli, iirc, which is quite a good place for beef schwarma. I’m glad you posted this, because the last time I passed Aladdins I saw that Cirle Sushi sign and wondered.


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  • TG

    the chirashi is unique and worth getting if you still haven’t tried it. One reason being is by tradition chirashi don usually only has rice with pieces on top, this has a piece of eel running through just in case you didn’t plan well and eat rice as you are eating the fish atop, I eat almost weekly, it’s damn good

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