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September 18, 2009 · 3 comments

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Grindhouse Killer Burgers has only been open a week, but if you keep up with all the foodie chatter, you know there’s already been a lot of talk about this place. I won’t go into too much detail because I hit them up for lunch on Tuesday with Foodie Buddha and you should read his post for the in-depth scoop.

FB’s thoughts are in line with mine for the most part. The burger is slightly greasy, served on a wonderfully soft bun, with all the requisite toppings, plus free Grindhouse sauce if you so desire. A single will do you right, so I imagine a double burger will give even the hungriest of eaters their fill. The meat itself is a bit soft, almost wet. My first thought is that I would like more seasoning in the beef mix, but upon further intense burger reflection I think I would like a little more of a flavorful and seasoned fat crust on the exterior of the meat to add some flavor and provide contrast against the soft beef.

I did enjoy the sides a bit more than FB, but I’m a sucker for hot crinkle-cut fries and the onions rings (more like straws as FB mentions) weren’t greasy and had a lots of salty and peppery flavor in the exterior, though I will agree that this style of onion ring is more of a crunchy batter conduit than an onion.

Grindhouse makes a very satisfying burger, at a fair price, in a location I very much liked. As the guy sitting next to me who stumbled upon Grindhouse for lunch said, “I might just have to do that again.”





Grindhouse Killer Burgers
Sweet Auburn Curb Market
209 Edgewood Ave

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  • Oldyedniaat

    The food @GrindhouseATL:twitter  is good, but the attitude of the employees suck. I
    was just at the Sweet Auburn Curb Market location and essentially had to walk
    off without placing my order.


    Here’s the scenario: After standing at the counter for an
    extended period of time, I was finally told by the server (a big burly
    middle-aged bearded guy who always wears a baseball cap), that I was being
    ignored because I was on my cell. I responded by saying “sorry, but I’ve
    been standing here for a while…perhaps you should put up a sign that says no
    cell phones at counter.” And what does bearded potbelly guy do? He turns
    to a visiting friend and says “try working here for a day and see if you
    like it”. Funny? Not really. But I shrug this off and just ask “do
    you want to take my order or not”, which he proceeds to do…but it
    doesn’t stop there, because halfway through my order he turns to his friend and
    says “she should decide whether she wants a phone or food…phone or
    food.” And to add insult to injury, he says to his friend “And can
    you believe she wants a cup of ice with that?” and literally slams my cup
    of ice on the counter. This, of course, was followed by a shared nervous
    laughter between him and his embarrassed friend. My thought “boy did I
    really want one of those big juicy burgers”, but then the rational part of
    my brain decided that I would NOT spend hard-earned money at an establishment
    that doesn’t respect its customers. That was the breaking point for me…and
    I’m certainly not going back.


    Well, I guess I must continue along with my quest for the
    next best burger in town, which I’m sure will be a place that knows that a
    great burger can taste even greater when it’s being served with great customer

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