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February 28, 2009 · 1 comment

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Here’s another “Quick Bite” post ala the post on La Pietra last week.

A few weeks back now, I made the 30+ minute journey from my house up to Duluth to meet Chloe and Aaron at Cafe Todahmgol. Chloe has already posted her thoughts on Cafe Todahmgol, and she has a million times more experience with this genre of food than I, so please read her post to get a true representation.

Cafe Todahmgol is Korean BBQ, located on Pleasant Hill in Duluth. It is in a strip mall, right next to “What the Pho?” (har har har). If Chloe had not been with us, I would have definitely been a bit intimidated by this place, particularly because there is no English menu. We had a young waitress who spoke very good English, so that helped, but Chloe did the ordering for us, picking out two orders of galbi (basically short ribs, though these had no bones) and one order of pork belly.


The only other time I’ve been to Korean BBQ, the meat was cooked over coals at our table. Here they use these propane power skillet deals, which are tilted with a convenient run off for grease. It worked pretty well. Above is the galbi.


After we ate the galbi, the pork belly was put on, nice thick slices.


The meal came with a good selection of banchan. Pictured above is what Chloe thought was a picked radish.


This is the egg soup Chloe talked about at length on her site, and she was indeed correct, this is a fantastic dish. I’m not sure how they cook the egg, but the dish is delicate with great texture and flavor.


More banchan – you can see the Korean carrots on ice on the left, and at the top is a garlic paste of sorts that was awesome with the meat.


We were served a huge bowl of salad with the banchan. The greens were super fresh, it was actually a nice European mix, and it had a very spicy light dressing on it.


I ordered a Korean beer that had a label reminiscent of cleaning solution.


We ate a ton of food, but then headed over to SunO for dessert. A Korean shaved ice place, the shaved ice is extremely fluffy and thin, then they top it with a sauce (we chose condensed milk) and your choice of fruits. It was too much for three of us.

This was definitely a fun eating trip, though it was too far away for me to want to do it all the time. It’s great for a group though as Korean BBQ really lends itself to sharing. Cafe Todahmgol was a good value and I was very happy with the quality of all their dishes. The staff was friendly so I recommend giving it a go!

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