Rubbing Meat

October 29, 2008 · 0 comments

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I don’t have time for a full post today (maybe tonight from my hotel, we’ll see) but I have been thinking about some upcoming posts. Next up will be smoking ribs for the Georgia Tech vs Florida State game on Saturday. 

I’ve been using the same recipe for the last few years and have had no reason to switch. I will save all that for the full post though. 

The upcoming posts I have planned are: 

  • Ribs on the smoker
  • Chili Cookoff Details
  • Bon Appetit – cooking something ambitious from last month’s issue
  • Comfort Restaurants
Now that I have you hooked, stay tuned.


Not a nice presentation but note the awesome color of the smoked pork

Getting our hands dirty, peeling of the membrane. Note to self – bring hand sanitizer on Saturday. 


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